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AudioGeek 17th August 2004 11:34 PM

fullrange or 2.5 way??
ok... should I either build a:

A) Jordan JX92S style speaker?
B) or a 2.5 way with 2 Focal 5W4211 and Morel MDT33 ?

I am looking for imaging, resolution, soundstaging...

bass response is not a priority...

but I don't want a bright sounding setup.


p.s. a simple phase coherent xover would be nice.... i.e. a first order...

planet10 18th August 2004 11:46 AM

how about a push-push JX92 + ribbon 2.5 way (or a bipole)?


nonamekid 18th August 2004 08:26 PM

Hi Audio Geek - Don't know if it's too late for input, but I use a pair of the Jordans you mention in my project studio and think they are about the best speakers I have ever heard - no kidding. I mounted them in the smallest closed cube enclosure from Ted's web site and run them with a pair of Peerless 8" subs also in closed cabs about 12" square face and 14" deep. I use 2 amps and an active crossover at 110 hz. The Jordans sit on top of the subs which are on low stands about 4" high. This way I can get the cones of the speaker pairs precisely alligned (it makes a difference - also I'm not a fan of ported speakers many of which seem to me not to be very flat). I used a test tone generator extensively on my room and used it to set the rolloff profile on the crossover. You can get modules to change the crossover frequency if you like but my room has a mode at 110 so that point works well. I tried the Jordans in one of his ported boxes at first and didn't like it real well. This setup is amazing though. The best thing about the Jordans is not the low end of their "full range" capabilities, but the fact that they transition smoothly from low mid through hi mid and right on up without crossover. I hear almost all 2.5k typical crossovers as gritty and nasty - couldn't stand typical studio nearfields. The Jordan's image incredibly well and get away from the problem (most sensitive part of your hearing) hi-mid crossover area. The stereo subs are fantastic - no stereo imaging issues you can get with a single sub, reasonably space friendly and responsive even at subsonic frequencies (you can feel them below 20hz even though you can't hear them). I wouldn't be so sure you shouldn't be concerned with bass. For one, getting the low end out of the Jordans does them a big favor to my ear by removing slow vibrations that can screw up higher sounds. Also, if you want good imaging, flat low end makes a huge difference. I played around with this setup for about 3 years before I got it where I like it, but am very pleased with its response and quality now. Very honest, and very musical. BTW I have used spectroanalysis and EQ quite alot on my room and messed with traps and such - nothing did nearly as much as getting my speakers sorted out. The Peerless 8" subs are cheap and quite amazing for a sub of any size - not big powerhandlers but quite capable at reasonable levels (I monitor at moderate levels in the near field). The can be had for about $40 ea. at:

Hope this helps, email me with questions if you like.

Cheers, NNK

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