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tacomaboy 12th January 2004 06:34 PM

beginner full range speaker
I saw a very nice full range project that looked like it was in my league, not to mention very clean looking. Apparently it sounded very nice as well! A friend of mine highly recommended full range setups.

I found this and was wondering if I could get some opinions on it. They would ber very low cost, easy to work a box around, and clean looking.

How would these sound? They seem to have a decent response down to 200Hz or so, and on-axis response seems decent as well. Are there other speakers I should consider? I dont want to spend more than 25 dollars each driver. These will be made with 3/4" MDF and wont be large. Also shielded would be necessary, so that I can use them in my home theater.


tiroth 12th January 2004 06:51 PM

The problem I see for home-theater is that both sensitivity and power handling are low. The response above 10kHz looks questionable. Some of the other tangbands have been reviewed favorably and might be a better choice.

tacomaboy 12th January 2004 06:52 PM

I will keep looking. Lows dont have to be that powerful since it will have an accompanying sub. Highs are important to me. A full range is also appealing cost wise since only one driver is used, and a crossover would not be used (right?).

swirv 12th January 2004 07:05 PM

If full range 3" speaker at a low cost is what you seek ..look at nothing else but the Tangband W3-871S from CSS or Nuera. Quite posible that this is the best sounding 3" driver there is. Or at lest the best low cost full range driver for that matter.

They are $12 at Neura and $10 from CSS. I'd get them from CSS not only because they cost less from them but becasue of the relationship of the person who we all owe the creation of this driver with CSS, Al Wooley. Al, when he was with Nuera, had this driver made to satisfiy the DIY market. Al now works with CSS on speaker design and cabnet construction.

I myself have build a set of SuperELF's and they sound great. I am soon going to build a set of speakers like the ELF 1.0 but with a low diffraction baffle and sealed. So really its not like the ELF and more like this


tacomaboy 12th January 2004 07:10 PM

Thats the one I saw. I like that response curve also!

I think I can make that notch filter as well. Thanks! Ill order one Friday, if I have enough left after bills hehe.

Timn8ter 12th January 2004 07:38 PM

I whole-heartedly agree with the selection of the W3-871S over your previous selection. It appears that CSS has discontinued the Elf1.5, probably because the SuperElf fits that nitch. I would strongly recommend spending a tad bit more so you can get the extra driver. The single driver is just a little too small for HT. Two 871s in a ported cabinet with a BDS network makes for a good small HT speaker.

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