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darkm4n 9th January 2004 11:34 AM

Someone know a good fullrange PA design ?
Hi ,

I'am searching for a good full range box design for PA use .
About 200 W ...... i intend to use it as a back speaker ( satellite )
Someone know such a speaker ?

Thank's !!!!

darkm4n 9th January 2004 12:09 PM

What about the plan of a 12 inch or 10 inch scoop speaker ??
it's not fullrange but i think it's a good design ..
i found the 15 inch version .. but i can get the 12 inch speaker for free .. so ...

OMNIFEX 9th January 2004 04:26 PM

Hey Yourself!

Honestly, the cabinet design from a PA Fullrange Speaker,
is not different from the average Home Floor Standing

What makes them different is the components inside.

PA Speakers need to be efficent period. They need to
handle lots of power for numerous amount of power.

The cabinets are generally made using marine plywood,
or baltic birch.

darkm4n 9th January 2004 04:30 PM

Yes , i know .. but .. i don't have a schematic to start ... or somethink ... i'am thinking at a W horn ...

OMNIFEX 9th January 2004 04:52 PM


You said " Someone know a good fullrange PA design ?"

While have W bins myself, I wouldn't recomend anyone
building one. There are tons of better designs out there.

I got my W's for free, so, I'll I needed to do is find the
right woofer for the box, and, play.

The Lab Sub would be the best Do It Yourself design to

Gotta keep in mind W Bins are from the Western Electric

You can get the Lab Sub Buleprints here.

darkm4n 9th January 2004 05:11 PM

I don't have the money to build that .... and it's too big ..

I wanted somethink smaller ... i don't know ... only one speaker ,

what about a scoop horn ???

Thank's !

OMNIFEX 9th January 2004 05:28 PM

The Scoop will give a relative response as the W Bin.

It offers the advantage using a rearloaded horn (Rear
wave) and, the woofer, as a direct radiator (Front wave)

The W Bin uses the Front wave of the woofer in a horn
and, keeps the rear wave enclosed (Although there are
some designs that incorporate a tuned reflex, instead of
a sealed chamber)

The W Bin Throws further than the Scoop, but, the Scoop
offers a smother response.

Either box you choose will not sound good if you are not
using a minimum of 4 enclosures propergating at the
same time. (We are talking PA here!)

You can build a single Double Fifteen box, that will out do
both the Scoop, and, W Bin in a one for one shootout.

darkm4n 9th January 2004 05:35 PM


What do you recomand me ? somethink smaller and simple that the LAB

OMNIFEX 9th January 2004 05:49 PM

The Lab Sub, Bassmaxx, Servodrive Basstech 7, are the
only subs, Opps! let me reprhase that.......... The Only
Hornloaded Subs that can be used singular and go down
to 30 Hz.

Any other horn loaded bass bin W Bin, Scoop, Half
folded, or Cerwin Vega's 36 Series, will only be able to
go down to 60 - and maybe 55 Hz using one box.

There is an exception to the W Bin that is 48 inches
deep, but, that's the same size as the Lab, Bassmaxx,
and, Servo Sub.

Bass horns are designed to be used in groups to
create one large horn.

If you don't have the space, the time, the money,
and, patience to build a horn loaded bass system
the right way, you are better of building one or two
Double 15's (Or 18's) enclosures.

That's basically the truth, and, nothing else but the

darkm4n 9th January 2004 06:11 PM

Yup .. i know ...

I don't want a sub that go to 30 Hz .. i want somethink for kick ..
i think the W bin or the scoop can give a firm kick ..
also .. look on .. some interesting design's there ...

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