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Razorfist 6th January 2004 09:17 PM

Single unit TB W3-871S designs

I have 2 W3-871S here and I would like to try building a speaker with them.
Problem is that I don't have any experience on this (except for building a car-subwoofer)

I found 3 designs that are an option right now:

- 16" high design halfway this page

- 8" high design halfway this page

- Creative Sound ELF 1.0

Does anyone have any (good) exprience with one of these designs? Or maybe has a suggestion for another option?
And on the website of CSS are the measurements of the ELF1.0 but not the port tuning.

thanks in advance :)

ps. I have a subwoofer for filling the low frequencies if needed.

leadbelly 6th January 2004 10:20 PM

Have you seen these threads?

Razorfist 6th January 2004 10:29 PM

Yes I did search :) That is how I came across the designs I mentioned.
Problem is that most topics are about the w3-871s combined with another woofer to fill in the low frequencies or about multiple units (ELF 1.5, SuperELF and line-arrays)

Saurav 6th January 2004 10:30 PM

I built the ELF 1.0 kit from CSS, and was pretty much blown away by how good this little driver is. Note that I use these for computer speakers, so I wasn't looking for a lot of bass extension or output volume.

GringoAudio 7th January 2004 01:24 PM

Success with 871
I have built several pair of speakers with this great little driver. Use the T/S parameters found on the CSS site in either the TB spec sheet or the ones that CSS derived through independent testing. PLug these into any of the many speaker calculation formuli you will find on the net. You will be able to calculate the Box volume and port size with these formuli. I found that the boxes made with TB's T/S parameters sound better than the ones made with the CSS specs...more bass. I have hear ELF speakers and heard no evidence of bass from them however....hmmm. My box volume was 360cu in with a 1" DIA port by 1.375" long. The CSS spec boxes were 411 cuin with a 1"DIA port by 7/8" long....this is all by memory so it could be approximate. Good luck. CSS is a nice place to deal with. Order from there rather than Nuera Acoustics.

Razorfist 7th January 2004 06:26 PM

Thank you for your replies!!

I dont need to order from CSS anymore (would choose them probably if i would) because I already have 2 units lying here.

Thanks for the tip about the different T/S parameters. I will check out your box specifications :)

At this moment I think I will choose for a BR design, maybe the ELF 1.0, maybe yours, maybe one of my own ;)

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