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hoz816 25th April 2013 03:00 PM

What to do with these FE207e's?
Several years ago, I purchased a pair of Fostex FE207e drivers and proceeded to build a pair of MJK's Project 05 ML-TL. After settling on the right BSC values and adding a pair of Planet10's phase plugs, I was quite happy with the results.

Now, I'm settled in for a good while, and have no intentions of moving anytime soon (I used to move a lot). The frequent moving has not been kind to my cabinets, and I'm thinking it's time to build something else. Herein lies my question: What to build for these 207's? I've read the entire Half-Chang thread, and a good part of the Chang thread, but can't seem to locate the plans anywhere. It looks like most current efforts are understandably focused on drivers that are currently available.

So, I'll ask. What cabinet would/have you used or recommend to get the most out of the 207's? What have your experiences been?


Jim Shearer 25th April 2013 04:15 PM

If you have the room for them & aren't bothered by the size, then have a look at BIBs.

Cheers, Jim

Inductor 25th April 2013 05:07 PM

What do you want mid or bass?!
If mid use it as a mid with a woofer/sub in a 2 way configuration.
If as a bass/full driver you have to test various designs but from simulation I would give a go to the (BR) 30/32 L , 40Hz tuned (or 35L/42Hz as in the example below). Consider this an example/test only, I never tried it before.
I don' have at the moment any link to a 2-way (+ woofer), but they have been posted here at diyAudio often. :)

Philips 9710/
video for different driver Fostex F120A
Fostex F120A FT90H - YouTube

planet10 25th April 2013 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by hoz816 (
I've read the entire Half-Chang thread, and a good part of the Chang thread, but can't seem to locate the plans anywhere.

Plans are archived, but availble on request.


xrk971 25th April 2013 07:07 PM

The 35 liter BR box with 80 mm dia x 180 mm port from Fostex appears to have a recessed bass shelf, possibly because the volume is too small and the tuning too low. I think, you will have a more balanced bass shelf (with small low bass bump) with a larger box and higher tuning frequency (60 liters @45 Hz). However, I think a MLTL or BLH is needed to really take advantage of this driver.

GM 25th April 2013 07:15 PM

Yes, very good specs for a BIB, especially if there's a couple of corners available.


hoz816 25th April 2013 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by GM (
Yes, very good specs for a BIB, especially if there's a couple of corners available.


So, I've been out of the loop for quite a while here, and had to familiarize myself with BIB. I've come across MJK's write-up "Fostex FE-167E Full Range Driver in a Bigger is Better Enclosure" which lead me to zillaaudio as well as Terry Cain's article at the single driver website.

Obviously I have some more reading to do, but how critical are the corners to this implementation? My current listening area is approx 12' x 18' with 8' flat ceiling, and my speaker placement is midway along the long wall, spread about 7' apart. To utilize the corners would require a wholesale rearrangement of the room....not impossible, but difficult.

xrk971 25th April 2013 08:05 PM

The BIB will still work fine without corner loading if you have it near a wall you will get wall and ceiling bass enhancement. As the BIB for this driver will be quite tall - you will be close to the ceiling anyhow. The BIB calculator says the box is 87 in tall x 11.5 in wide x 14 in deep (ext dim). This puts you within 9 inches from the ceiling - definitely will get lots of ceiling bass enhancement. This is a relatively slender cabinet due to the low Qts and moderate Vas. If you have the room and the WAF, BIB is the way to go. You might try flattening the BIB to make a FIB and mount the driver on the longer 14 in wall if there is room. A FIB can be made by changing the aspect ratio to 6 in deep x 25 in wide (internal dim) (preserves CSA) and placing the speaker next to wall where it hardly takes up any floor space. It could be made to look like a built-in wall column and painted to match wall trim.

lowtherdream 26th April 2013 04:54 AM

BLH with the Fostex 207E ;)

DrBoar 26th April 2013 05:57 AM

Side Vivace
Schmacks horn
SIDE VIVACE - a lowther based Hi-end loudspeaker

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