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Studio Au 14th January 2013 10:37 AM

FAST woofer choice for Alpair 7.3

I am looking to develop a few products that can be produced and sold on a very small 'made to order' level.

I am looking at producing a FAST that resembles the B&W 800D

With the Alpair 7.3 in a turned plywood teardrop shape.

And a woofer or two in a curved plywood cabinet.

I am currently using a miniDSP for active crossover. I believe I would cross somewhere between 80Hz-150Hz, is this strickly subwoofer territory?

Based in Uk, driver choice and their related prices are not good as those in the US.

Can anyone recommend fantastic woofer. 10" would match the teardrops diameter and look visually good, Im happy to have any sort of cabinet design, be it ported, sealed, with a passive radiator...

The only driver that has sprung out at me so far is the Peerless XLS10 which can be found on ebay for 70 a piece. This is towards the upper end of my budget. If I am going to try and sell them, they obviously have to be of the highest quality...but putting a 750 Accuton woofer in, would price out most markets. I guess 100 a driver shipped would be top.

These will be demo units, and hopefully will lead to the sale of a few as built units or perhaps kits. So drivers must be able to be sourced easily.


tuxedocivic 14th January 2013 04:02 PM

Price per driver? You mention the XLS10 and 70 pounds. Would that be the top of your budget, or about right?

How deep do you need the bass to go?

How steep of cross over are you ok with?

Maybe: The Madisound Speaker Store

chazdrumzalot 14th January 2013 04:38 PM

I think Bob Brines was considering this woofer for a similar project:

Peerless 835026 8" Aluminum Cone HDS Woofer 264-1100

He said that it simmed very well, and also mentioned that from an aesthetic point of view it would match the color of the silver alpairs. It's something to consider! (I know these aren't 10" woofers, but two 8" would still be pretty beefy.)

Studio Au 14th January 2013 04:54 PM

Thanks, I have edited the original post to reflect your questions for other readers (80-150Hz crossover, Active XO so can play around)

The Peerless 8" looks good. At $66 is 50. In english/European stockists 75. If I needed two for each cabinet 300 total (or less from the states, but once taxes, shipping, more taxes...) perhaps a little too much?

Willing to stretch for the right driver, Would prefer to keep it to a single unit (or with passive radiator) as the miniDSP has 4 outs, so two woofers would have to be joined in parallel or series which seems to add perhaps unnecessary complications.

I keep on hearing about TangBand, and them making some really great products, but again it seems to mainly be in the US (Europe-Audio sell them) and we don't have access to the prices that make them so appealing.

So ideally woofer choices that are available in Europe...

chazdrumzalot 14th January 2013 05:02 PM

yeah, tangband's W8-750C is supposed to be a great woofer. check this project:

Loudspeakers by Emil Attlid

Studio Au 14th January 2013 05:08 PM

Can Anyone recommend European sites that stock Tangband? Europe-Audio has a very limited offering.

tuxedocivic 14th January 2013 06:41 PM

No sure where you could get Tang Bands. But isn't there quite a few sources for Peerless, scan speak, seas, etc.?

planet10 14th January 2013 07:08 PM

Bill Poletti tested a 10" peerless with good results.

I would suggest an XO in the 125-250 Hz range would make more sense. The woofer should have reasonable response up to ~1kHz.


Toaster 14th January 2013 07:25 PM

Another possibility is the SEAS LR22RN4X/P (H1208), which you can get from Wilmslow Audio. They are about 70. The SEAS L26ROY or 'RO4Y would probably be ideal, but is too expensive. An application of the LR22RN4X/P is in the Hi-fi Critic magazine's 'Rhythm King' kit speaker, used in a sealed enclosure. It did occur to me when I heard of that design that an Alpair 7 could be substituted for the BMR and probably sound better too. Sensitivity of the two drivers is fairly close, IIRC, so a passive version might work well.

Studio Au 14th January 2013 07:26 PM

Here is the basic idea.

However as this will in a few months hopefully form the bass cabinet of a compression driver/horn combination ala Avant Garde Duo, maybe I should look into loading the driver?

Ill draw up some pictures, but until then 10" woofers in the UK for reasonable prices is what im looking for.

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