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OlavHaal 30th November 2012 08:50 PM

As promised Mark.... Beech Alp12P
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Hi Mark and the rest of all diyrs!

at last I have nearly finished my version of The 12P. Sounds very good so far, but I need more fillings inside(felt). Just bottom and top for now. Naked sound, and not as bass-rich as my Alp10.2!!
And just 1 hour listening till now! I have to finish some small faults - had too much mis-happenings before I finished my build. We had a fridege/freezer leak with water down to the basement, which gave me several setbacks! And I had much trouble with my equipment/saw. That last remark made my building really slow. I have to fix and paint the remaining problem later - after :(Christmas.:hohoho:

I will come back later with more photos and suggestions for the enclosure. It is tuned to approximately 56Hz - 15 liter with no paralell sides. The back is ca. 35mm and the sides is about 26 mm. It is :eek:VERY heavy = 14kg!! Made of beech!

Best to all from -


OlavHaal 30th November 2012 09:35 PM

Hi Mark and ZMan and all the rest...

Some more listening impression. The Sound from these babes are very strong and distinct. They have another way of displaying the group or music into room - different from the Alp10.2. the are very dramatic and dynamic(but not *** musch bass).

On the Ane Brun - It all starts with One - they show their ability to give the female voice a distinctness I must say only my friends Martin Logan can do better. And the violins I won`t mention - it is too emotional in its sweetness.

More in a couple of days!!:sax:

Some blues now before the night creeps in....



vinylkid58 30th November 2012 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by OlavHaal (
the are very dramatic and dynamic(but not *** much bass).

Hi Olav,

They need to be in a BIG box to produce bass!


zman01 1st December 2012 07:27 AM


Good to see the build is complete (despite challenges)! Hope the other machines in the house are at peace now, leaving you to enjoy some music.

Alp 10.2 is the bass champ, followed closely by EL-70 is what I hear from diyers. However, dramatic and dynamic sound interesting to me as they are likely to convey more emotion and meaning.

14 kg cabinets must be really solid!

- Zia

OlavHaal 1st December 2012 09:28 PM

Yes zman01...
Hi again!

Even in this pre-christmas times there must be time for a little night-time music!!:xmas:
And to add to the impression from yesterday - in my stacked-beech BR12P, there is more presence(more direct perception and involvment with the performer and the music) than in Fonken10.2 - in the Alp10.2 there is details and a very homogenous display of the music and the performer. In my version of the Alp12P there is nearly as much detail and clearness BUT the warmth, presence and feeling that the singer is in the room is even greater- so one can forget the speaker and look into the emotion of the music! :judge:

And my version of the resSIT gives even more touch on this load!!
A totally involving experience!

In the start of next year I must paint or veneer my enclosures! Painting with natural ingredient preferable!

Thanks to Mark(and his good friends in the east) again - for such delightful and good sounding drivers!!

Best from


OlavHaal 4th December 2012 06:56 AM

Some more pics...
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Hi all!

Here are some more pics from my building-prosess.... even if my old not-adjusted saw did me a bad trick, the sound is superb!:sax: The Alp12P in this enclosure gives a sound that is fullbodied - energetic - involving - relaxing - and even more distinct than my Alp10.2!! Must be because the box is constructed to give minor reflection from the back(I tried to keep the reflected zones pointing away from the back of the driver and directed them against the ports). And I have never experienced a sound that is that much free from box-resonances and out in the room. Like a Live-Experience in my own room!
And if the Alp10.2 is full of detail and very revealing/involving - This GEM Alp12P makes you forget you are listen to hear if anything can be better. It is a totally and as far as it goes exemplary FullRange(even the lowest tones are coming thru after a while now - I will keep it very little dampened, with the top/bottom and a little on the sides. To keep them as tight and fresh as possible.
Just now Madeleine Peyroux-weary blues is performing in my room.

And when it gets warm in a couple month - I will fix the outside(I promise). The temperature is -10 degree Celsius in my workshop BRRRR!:cold:


OlavHaal 23rd January 2013 07:31 AM

Hi again...
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Hi Zia and all who`s into Alp12P....

Here are some more developments and impressions from my experience with my set-up.
I have now nearly finished my buildings - much improvements to the visual - but there are some minor fixes to be done, lacquer, stands for monitor and such things.
My set-up is temporary positioned in the small living-room upstairs(ca 30sq-meter) and you can see my monoSIT amplifiers beside the speakers. The discplayer(Sony) with the very good DirectDac(w Sowthers) and the B1 with the SBT - all in the middle. It will be positioned on proper shelfs and stands in a month! Promise!!

And the sound from these boxes - no paralell sides - not much dampening and tuned to 56 Hz about = superb! Compared to my Alp10.2 - they have a better way of displaying the musician in the room. The midrange is so much more accessible and defined - so you feel the music and the players as they are there in the room. And the Lower Freq feels even better and more even than on my Alp10.2. They give more touch to Voices and acoustic instument!
Compared to my friends MartinLogan/Wadia system - which is very good at dispalying the recorded space that is on the record, and the acoustic layering of where everything is posisitioned - my setup will present the recordings with more of a locational feeling. Like a live feeling and a presence of the performer. Of course they give a good spatial representation of the instuments in depth and widht(but not like ML/Wadia) - but here I must try some other speaker-cable later in the spring!
But for now - this Driver is perfect for my SIT-amp!!:eguitar:

Thanks to all at Mark Audio and DIYaudio - for support this far!



OlavHaal 23rd January 2013 01:23 PM

Lower Freq....
Hi again....

Just tested the system with the Stereophile Test CD - and the output on the lower frequencies is like this: 50 Hz = Strong output, 40 Hz = Good output, 31,5Hz = Low output(but still relative good audible) 21,5 = very weak(barely audible)!:sax::sax:

And the drums in these boxs is so distinct - it`s beech and that is a wood that has some thing in common with maple(and maple was used in drums - as I read in wikipedia)!


zman01 23rd January 2013 01:44 PM


Greetings and good to see the progress on your build. The setup looks lovely :). And your bookshelf cabinets are unique.

My listening experience of the Alp 12 is similar to yours. I have my pair in the compact BR box designed by Scottmoose and first built by Colin. It is tuned to 55 Hz. I agree - the midrange presence of this driver is remarkable. The details are there but I don't detect any harshness. And yes, the music sounds "live"... diyAudio member Craigtone who built the Pensil for A12P also made the same comment. Using same DAC as you are (but without the Sowters), have used SEP amp and Hypex UcD. I have not heard the Alp10.2 yet, but find the A12 even in the small BR box having good bass. I am currently building a Pensil 12.2, but in no hurry as the speakers sound good already :).

There is one drawback for the A12P - it is very addictive; usually end up with long listening sessions. :D

OlavHaal 23rd January 2013 08:48 PM

Yea Zia
Hi again Zia!

It can end up at late-night listening because the warmth in these soundscapes, but tonight i had only 1/2 hour with David Gilmore - On an Island(wonderful recording and perfect music) - because I`m leaving by bus and helicoper to the bitterCOLD NorthSea for my 14 days offshore(checking PA-speaker and other Telecom).
No Hi-Fi out ther - and NO Alpair12P to relaxe with after a long day of work!:(

But there will be possibilities later :D



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