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Danjo 17th November 2012 04:20 AM

My portable powered speaker system project
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It's not really clear which subforum this should go in. Similar threads seem to be all over the map. I'm putting it here because it was at least wood working even though I didn't build speakers.

So my objective was a portable speaker system that would sound better than my Cambridge Soundworks system. I also wanted the option to use battery or AC power. My original thoughts were to build an amp into an existing set of speakers. I found a set of PSB Alphas for my project. They are great target speakers because they are decent sounding and their high efficiency makes them a good match for the low power class-D amps that are battery friendly.

Once I got the PSBs I really didn't have the heart to take a drill/saw to them so I started thinking of alternatives. My solution was a carry caddy that holds the two speakers, amp, power sources (wall wart and batteries) and accessories. The speakers are strapped to the sides of the caddy so the whole thing can be carried yet by releasing the top strap the speakers can quickly be removed. The caddy is made from 1/4" MDF that was cut using a laser cutter. The same basic design could be made with more conventional tools but when you have access to a laser cutter, well why not?

The total cost was the price of the amp+speakers (the speakers were used) plus the cost of the 2x4' sheet of MDF (perhaps $6), the nylon strap webbing/snaps etc ($22 for FAR more than I needed), and the 10AA battery holder.

The version with the smaller speakers was my test run (shown with smaller Polk speakers). The great thing about a laser cutter is it took less than 30 minutes to cut all the parts for the caddy (20 minutes for the smaller model) so at $6 per test run why not try more than one design. The smaller model can handle the larger PSBs but I decided I didn't like the idea of putting the amp on the top shelf so an amp shelf was added.

If you have a set of high efficiency bookshelves around this makes for a nice way to convert them into something portable. I'll be curious to hear what others think.

freax 17th November 2012 07:12 AM

nice woodwork, but it needs a thick waterproofing coat i think! :D

I'm thinking about something similar along the same lines that is integrated into a 2U Rackmount case which has yet to arrive.

I'll be using 12v SLA power for the amp and 6v SLA battery power for the DAC and other items...

Danjo 17th November 2012 01:59 PM

Yes, some sort of finish needs to happen. I'm debating between something like paint or perhaps something like stain and Truoil. It's not like MDF has some sort of great finish but I kind of like the "accented" cut edges.

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