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castorG 19th October 2012 07:11 PM

fostex ff125wk vs markaudio alpair 7.3 (or10.2)
Hi everyone.

Just for curiosity (or maybe not..we'll see:)), how does these drivers compare to each other? What I'm interested in are (expecially) the microdeatails and the 3d soundstage given a fonken enclosure. So I 'suspect' that the one who will be able to give me more information will be Dave.:D

I already have the fostex ff125wk in fonken enclosure and like them, so I'd like to know how does markaudios compare to them.


planet10 19th October 2012 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by castorG (
the microdeatails and the 3d soundstage given a fonken enclosure

Stock, with these parameters, hands down the A7.3.

The FF125wk has a number of problems which can be minimized so once both are fully treated they are much closer, but the A7.3 still has an edge.

FF125wKeN still has some places where they will out do A7.3eN, but not in terms of DDR (the more technical assest that is key to microdeatails and the 3d soundstage).

Both these drivers are capable of conveyig sufficient information to be able to pick amoungst the 3 broad categories of my miniOnken/Fonken enclosures.


PS: Alpair10.2 is also very satisfying, just don't listen to A7.3 right after.

chrisb 20th October 2012 04:45 PM

a couple of thoughts:

The 10.2 will definitely outperform either of the other 2 named in terms of bottom end extension and weight - particularly in a full sized MLTL, but compared to the 7.3, I find it lacks a smidgeon of mid-range inner detail / 3D spaciousness / DDR, whatever buzzwords you elect

What Dave said about these 2 above

As with most Fostex in this weight class (size & price range) the FF125WK will have a theoretical advantage of sensitivity over the MA (but not actually as substantial on listening as the numbers would suggest) , but moreover will not be free of the famous Fostex forward midrange presentation and resonance issues in the 5-7kHz range that some listeners find irritating if not intolerable (not me so much - and apparently not yourself)

In other words, in comparable enclosures ("kens in this example) the Fostex will likely present a more forward and depending on the source/electronics, a harder leading edge to dynamics - whereas I'd describe the 7.3 as more transparently neutral and "smoother" (damn I hate that word - makes me think of elevator jazz), but is unforgiving of poor program material & playback chain. It (7.3) is far more finely resolved at micro-detail levels, and can present deeper/wider into the soundstage than the Fostex

rjbond3rd 20th October 2012 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by chrisb (
...the famous Fostex forward midrange presentation and resonance issues in the 5-7kHz range that some listeners find irritating if not intolerable...

I do find a peak at ~7k to be incredibly irritating. Luckily, there are a few small Fostex which are completely free of that defect (not many but a few!)

I like the Alpair 7.3 a great deal. The only flaw I can find, sonically, is that sometimes, on strings, etc. it sounds (to me) "too smooth," e.g. it doesn't do great strings for me, e.g., the attack on the bow of a cello, or a big string section, quite as well as a really good paper driver. But then, the 7.3 does a better job with horns.

They are both so cheap that it's worthwhile to get both, and compare. Don't listen to the Internet :)

buzzforb 20th October 2012 07:12 PM

Simple music, 10.2. For clarity, imaging, extension, choose the 7.3(with helper woofer). I think Mark has it nailed it with his drivers and is only limited by physics.

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