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eaglears 19th October 2012 02:57 AM

MA Driver Choice
I've been reading the forums extensively and have a pretty good idea of the drivers, I think, with out having heard either... ie 7.3 is magical and works will in the FH MK3 but doesn't move a lot of air, the 12P is dynamic, is efficient enough to be run by SET amps but loses some of the detail and imaging magic of the 7.3 due to the laws of physics, compromises as they say.

My room front room is large, 15' wide, 35 long and up to 12' ceilings with a gorgeous ocean & mountain view. I've been obsessing whether to get...

A) a flat pac Frugal horn MK3 with the MA 7.3 driver driven by a 50 watt EL34 PP amp....or.....

B) the new Pensil build for the 12p possibly powered by a SET amp even perhaps the dinky but OK Miniwatt N3.

Will be used for most types of music (folk, rock, blues etc) but really starting to appreciate vocals and strings on good systems as well as tele n movies but 2 channel hi fi tunes are the focus. I'd probably get a sub in the future regardless of what speaker I had. I think I'm only interested in floorstanders, don't really feel like having stands.

I'm wondering what all your thoughts are on A) the two choices and B) more thoughts on the 12P driver. I've read tons of good things on the 7.3 and I realize the 12P is somewhat challenged by it's size pushing the limits of what can be engineered as a FR but still would like to hear more detailed reports on the 12P's sonic attributes and abilities. I admit I do like to get things cranking once in a while but the detail, 3d holographic imaging, smoothness and separation of the 7.3 (according to what I've read) sounds amazing and aided by the horn design could be killer, just wondering if it can handle the size of my place and my occasional tendency to turn it up.

I would like to decide soon but am having trouble doing so therefore I'm happy to let your comments influence my decision.

PS. I haven't really even thought about the 10.2, perhaps that's a decent option as well?


planet10 19th October 2012 04:23 AM

Hi Tono,

Having given some thot to this (from your email last nite), i think you should give consideration to the Alpair10.2. A driver with near the DDR of the A7.3 and near the dynamics of the A12p and better bass than either. Fits nicely in the Pensil ML-TL or Bob Brine's ML-TL (we have the latter here).

Instead of guessing what we are trying to convey in words we could cover a lot of ground if you could get down here from Alert Bay.

My room is similar but a bit bigger than yours.

As to SE vrs PP... I typically use a 20w EL34 PP, but whenever Bernie brings down his 2A3 SE it is sure enjoyable. No 300B i've yet heard has escaped being too syrupy for my taste. I'm looking forward to hearing the 2A3 PP that Bernie is having built for him.


eaglears 19th October 2012 04:34 AM

Hi Dave

Thanks for your reply, ya that would be awesome. I don't get out of Alert Bay often and rarely to Victoria but I need to get to Victoria early next week to visit the passport office. I would absolutely love to hear a few speakers at your place which looks similar in size to what I'm dealing with. Sounds like some guys are getting the 7.3s to very reasonable levels once crossed over on the low end. I like the sound of the 10.2 idea too. This Saturday I'm going to swing by Jess's place again and have another listen to his rig, I think he has Fostex drivers.



planet10 19th October 2012 06:20 AM

Jess has a real early pair of FE127eN in Bamboo PAWO.

Let me know when you will be here and i'll arrange with Chris to have the A12p here (and i'll see if Jeff will free up his Pensil 12p. I have Bob Brines A10.2 MLTL and Mar-Ken10.2 (with stock drivers), A7.3eN in Maeshowe & stock A7.3 in dMar-Ken7.3 + a lot of the other smaller drivers. One set of FH3 have FE126eN2, the other need to be refitted with TB W5-1611eN.


hobbers 19th October 2012 07:06 AM

Hey Tono,

If getting down to Dave's is difficult your welcome to stop in Nanaimo if thats easier for you and listen to my set up. I have the el70 at the moment but will be heading to Dave's again soon and can grab the speakers he mentioned, had ment to grab the frugal horns and the Bob's speakers with the alpair10 today while I was down there but we ran out of time. Also have the Woden Design Victors and Dave's micro fonken ff85wks to listen with my 2a3 set amp.


eaglears 19th October 2012 04:33 PM

wow very cool thanks Dave n Bernie. When are you gentlemen usually available, evenings? I'll probably be in Nanaimo staying with family on Monday (maybe Tuesday) evening then off to Victoria the next morning. Planning will be a bit tricky but I'll try to make it work. This is kind of a one shot deal. I manage a small cabin resort to I'm unable to get out often. Are there many Planet 10-Mark Audio-Fostex dudes n duddetes in Nanaimo?

If I end up liking the FH MK3 will there be a box kit available for sale and perhaps some stock 7.3 drivers?


planet10 19th October 2012 05:12 PM

Afternoons are best for me.

I currently have 1 FH3 flat-pak in stock, might take a day or 2 to get it all together.

Normally i only sell treated drivers, but for locals i sometimes make exceptions, since i can save them some shipping & custom's hassles. A7.3 would need to be copper at the moment.


eaglears 19th October 2012 05:17 PM

Hi Dave

Wow flippin perfect, copper is what I'm looking for and in the afternoon is when I'll be free as well! Baa Bing!



dekiller 19th October 2012 06:32 PM

You are so lucky to have those Masters live around.

eaglears 19th October 2012 06:36 PM

ya pretty killer eh? I'm suuuuuuper stoked!


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