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oon_the_kid 11th October 2012 09:03 AM

Audio Nirvana coax 15
Hi There,

I was looking to buy a Audio Nirvana 15" Co-ax that come with a compression drive or to use a normal Audio Nirvana 15" with an external ribbon tweeter. I know many people tell me the AN 15" does not need an extra tweeter, but I am not convinced with a paper based cone.

Ideally the compression driver would be a better match than the ribbon tweeter, since it is built into the speaker driver. However I am clueless about how the sound characteristics of a compression driver?

Would love to hear some feedback if you have heard or used the AN 15" coax.

Thanking ahead.


buzzforb 11th October 2012 09:43 AM

Melon said that you willl not want to add tweet and i fyou did, he would not take anything less than Beyma TPL or RAAL.

oon_the_kid 11th October 2012 10:45 AM

Tell Melon that the tweeters he is talking about costs more than a pair of 15" AN.... sorry don't really have that much money, even if I sell both my kidneys... don't need kidneys to listen to music...:(

I have a pair of Mark and Daniels AMT. Or I might buy this one...

Bohlender Graebener Neo8-PDR Planar Transducer 264-713

Incidentally I will pm you to get his contact will probably want to ask more info from him.

I think the question from me is whether I shoudl get the coax or should I just get the supercast 15 and add in additional tweeter....

Or maybe get supercast 15 and then decide if I want to add in additional tweeter...


Zen Mod 11th October 2012 12:28 PM

second from bottom Fountek (with horn) , from 75E in Europe for pair

or APT80

both crossed anywhere between 15-20K 6db/oct

they will work flawless as supertweet

series R will suffice if att is needed

edit - this one -

kevinr 11th October 2012 12:30 PM

I own the AN cast 12 , no need for a tweeter unless you have incredible hearing

Zen Mod 11th October 2012 02:16 PM

agree , but almost ;)

even if my hearing is ooked above 14-14,5K ( too many hours in front of stage on concerts ? :rofl: ) , I'm finding supertweet welcomed with coaxes and FR spks ; none of them is anywhere mentioned as lacking in upper region

whatever , I had same impression as you , but only after trying supertweet I change that opinion

usual disclaimer - YMMAMV ;)

oon_the_kid 12th October 2012 11:24 AM

I agree with Zen over there. Sometimes when you add a supertweeter to a system, there is a big improvement in sound. The sound can feel more airy. I heard the improvement even when you stick it in a 2 way unit. And definitely with my seas fa22 full range. It is not something you can hear per se, like this wasn't here earlier, now it is. Just a general feeling of clarity and when you take it off, it feels like something is missing.

I have a aurum cantus on another system but i might canibalise that and put it here...


Zen Mod 12th October 2012 11:48 AM

and , as I said - you don't need left leg and right kidney value here - Eminence APT** is completely enough and dirt cheap

** - APT50 is code for naked driver , without plastic horn ; with horn it goes from 80 upwards , higher numbers having bigger horns and different coverage angles

taking ferofluid out clears things further

boyz from Zu are using it , same as guy in States ..... for improvement over basic Klipsch tweet , same as guys in Eu , making some expensive boxies with coax Eminences

not my cap of brew as tweet , but as helper tweet - more than good enough for sparkling some air

Godzilla 12th October 2012 07:09 PM

I thought I'd hate compression tweeters but since trying and enjoying the Eminence 1001 (I think it's cheaper than the apt 80) I'm completely sold on them. I think pairing them with appropriately efficient drivers (like the Eminence 12lta... and certainly others) produces very lively results for a home speaker.

eventhorizon 12th October 2012 08:58 PM

Why not go the route of the 15" Cast AN and get a good quality tweeter crossed over like a typical 2-way? Plenty of good ones that would work well.

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