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hempie 7th October 2012 04:30 AM

Wessex (Woden Des.) Build With Helper Woofer - FAST
Hey Guys, Im currently Building the Woden Design Wessex MLTL with
x2 MA CHR-70 Drivers (Gen 2. Drivers)

Its being built as one of the Variations with both Drivers together on the Narrower side of the cabinet, Seen on page 2.

I wouldnt mind adding a Helper Woofer to each cabinet, to the front or even just mounted on the side. The driver i had in mind was the

CSS SDX7 6.5"
Or something similar around that size, it will have its own amplifier also. FAST Build

Is it critical where i mount the driver, or are there considerations i need to take on Cabinet Volume Ect.... Or is it even possible at all in this build??

If Scott?? the Author is on here or any other well Seasoned DIY Audio Member has any help for me im open for opinions!


planet10 7th October 2012 05:20 AM

With CHR you won't need a tweeter.

The VWR likely will go no lower in the bass than the CHR (save those for another project, people are just starting to explore the possibilities)... the SDX7 on the other hand is quite the stunner when it comes to bass... whether the big ML-TL will need it is another question.

The SDX7 cannot go into the samecabinet as the CHR. I would only use it sealed in a box 7-21 litre (i typically try for 14-17 litre)

The other thing you can consier is low-passing one of the CHR to produe a 1.5 way system. With both drivers mounted on the narrow side this might wellend up giving the best response. Add the LP at somewhere between the baffle-step F3 and (root 2)/2 of the same.

Zia, i believe, has built this enclosure )or Mercia) so maybe could chime in with some comments.


hempie 7th October 2012 05:29 AM

Dave i was hoping above all for your advice, The 2x CHRs will be Driven By Seperate amps , A HIRAGA Monster, And a DD TUMOS. Ultimately aiming for a 1.5 or 2 way system if i can "iron all the creases out"
This is all based on the Assumption from what i have read that the HIRAGA is Good for Upper Mid & Highs, While the TUMOS is a all round Mid & Low Performer.

Though They will be just wired in Series for now.... Untill the Hiraga is fully built.

I Really dont want to shy away from the SDX7 for this build it looks like such a performer for bass duty, i would be stupid to ignore it. Why is it that you reccomend such a small box for the SDX7? What would be the next step up on getting more from that driver, i wouldnt mind getting my hands dirty on a really nice box if i can get the most from it.


planet10 7th October 2012 07:12 AM

I'd be a bit worried about using different amps on the CHRs... voicing might give some incongruities, only one way to findout thou, and it never hurts to have a couplespre amps.

I have lots of experience with SDX7 (6 of themin my living room at the moment -- only 2 connected), and that is just how it works best. It is a really nice woofer.


zman01 7th October 2012 09:53 AM


I built the Wessex the same way as you have described - drivers mounted on the narrow side. The speakers image very well with decent midrange detail. With CHR-70.2 top end should not require assistance from tweeters.

My understanding that Dave is not favorable of the SDX7 sharing the same "air space" as the FR units. Now if we were to house a woofer inside the Wessex cabinet and seal of the FR units, it would become a different design altogether. :)

- Zia

steve71075 7th October 2012 10:07 AM

I've built the bigger mercia version and find I don't need a subwoofer for music but do use one for watching films . I actually have two pairs in my home cinema set up and am still shocked by how good they sound compared to the set up they replaced which I had always thought had been pretty decent .

I also built them with the drivers in the thinner edge , although I run both full range in series as I have the early 4ohm model from my onkyo tnxr515 .

Seems you are making something simple , into something a lot more complicated to me . Finish the Wessex and see what you think , add subwoofers in seperate enclosures if you need them :-)

hempie 7th October 2012 11:50 AM

So far So good for the FAST Build!

Using what ive Built and the addition of the Wessex Build, Fingers Crossed the ending will be...

Wessex Chr70.2: 1Khz-20Khz [Wired In Series, Hiraga Le Monster Amp 8W]

CSS SDX7 : 200Hz-1Khz [ DDac Tumos Amp 12W ClassA - 30W AB ]

Single SubWoofer: Tang Band 10" WT-644F: 30-200hz [AB Plate amp, Active EQ Ect...]

May/May not Need the TB Woofer. Thought it would be a nice bottom end addition.

The Other Option is Using the Hiraga Monster & Tumos In Bi Amping the Wessex...Im Only Going on my ears alone so this is highly subjective, but the Tumos acts as a Band Pass Filter, Its perhaps just a phenomenon of the Amp, But just the Mids are its strong point while the rest sags behind.

As Dave said it will be interesting to see how the "Voicing" will sound running both amps together like this. Im Making an Assumption the Hiraga Will Naturally "Fill in the Gaps" where the Tumos doesnt. Im more or less uneducated and experimental at best though.

planet10 7th October 2012 04:30 PM

Those are VERY strange XO points.

The SDX7 does not even go that high unless you have done the 1st order treatment. I treat then and typically use them <350 Hz. We are working on a 2-way with Bob'd waveguided LDX up to 1.2k.

Why build a big TL that goes really low and then cur it off at 1 k? Might as well load them into a little sealed box.

And a 10" sub up to 200 Hz?

Much more sensible -- given the TBs -- is Wessex to 60-80 Hz and the TB below that, Save the SDX7 for something else. In 17 litre theur rolloff naturally complements typical room gain for response to 25-30 Hz.


Scottmoose 7th October 2012 04:55 PM


tvrgeek 7th October 2012 07:25 PM

"Helper woofer and tweeter" Sure sounds like a classic three way to me!

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