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katana2112 6th October 2012 09:31 PM

Looking for enclosure ideas for FE206Es
I have a pair of FE206s and lots of am looking for an easy simple build for them. I have most of the tools needed(table saw,chop say,scroll saw,router,clamps etc) just not a lot of wood working skill.
I want to use them in a 10x10 room(bedroom) with a low power chip amp and eventually a tube amp.
Just looking for suggestions/ideas would be appreciated!

sreten 7th October 2012 01:21 AM


rgds, sreten.

planet10 7th October 2012 01:34 AM

Not really the best driver for such a small room, but it limits you to something like the one sreten points to (a guess & by golly design AFAIK) or a heavily simmed & vetted designlike the RonHorn Dallas.

Your room is far too small for Kirashima or Vulcan, and the Fostex factory designs do not get the most out of the driver.

You could also look at MJK's ML-TL, but that requires EQ to bring the bass up (you actually shelve the mid/top down), given your small room that probably wouldn't be too much of a hardship.


sreten 7th October 2012 01:46 AM


Looked at MJK's website but couldn't find the 206 MLTL design.
I'm sure its there somewhere, but I couldn't find it easily.

rgds, sreten.

katana2112 7th October 2012 03:55 AM

I checked MJKs also and didnt find anything.
Thanks for the suggestions!!! Keep them coming!

GM 7th October 2012 04:02 AM

Looks like he removed it and the 207E MLTL projects, which IIRC were just sims of them in his Lowther MLTL except with a longer vent.


Puffin 7th October 2012 06:11 AM

I built the Fostex 208 Sigma cab for the 206E which I used very successfully in a room
3x3m. When I built a bigger room they didn't work so well.

chris661 7th October 2012 10:59 AM

Add a 4r7 series resistor, use a 30L cabinet with 8" lng 3" dia vent.

When you get the valve amp, play with lowering the resistor value, or taking it out completely.

The extra resistance raises Qts to a point where its easy to put the driver in a ported cabinet, instead of having to build a large BLH to get any bass.


planet10 7th October 2012 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by chris661 (
Add a 4r7 series resistor

Our experiments with adding R to make up for a less than satisfactory cabinet were less than satisfactory.

In that room, with that driver, Dallas. Anything else, you are better to flog the 206s and get somethingmore appropriate.


katana2112 7th October 2012 06:25 PM

The Dallas is definitely the most visually appealing.....but it looks a bit beyond my woodworking capabilities. I have a neighbor who makes summer yard furniture so I going to see if he might be able to do the cutting for me(and Ill assemble).
I also found a cool looking plan from for a trumpet horn......
Going to talk to my neighbor as soon as I dee him.
Thanks again all...

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