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Tias 11th September 2012 04:34 AM

Homebuilt Mikasa with Fostex 126E - what amp?
Hi all,

newbie here! Very interesting site although most of it goes straight over my head, hoping to learn a lot while I'm here.

I recently bought those speakers (is that still the right term?) without actually knowing much about them, I was more after the Subwoofer that came with it.

But I'm very keen to start using them and set up my own listening room.
At the moment I have some 'vintage' B&W CM1 & CM2's hooked up to a Marantz amp that plays my records on a Pro-ject RPM SB6.1.

Am I assuming right that it's probably best not to hook up the new speakers to the Marantz (which is 80W)?

What amp would be recommended on a tight budget?
(I already have to sell some stuff to pay for the speakers and sub :)

Thanks in advance,


planet10 11th September 2012 07:20 AM


How big a room?

Typicallywell matched with small SE amps. On a tight budget a SS or tube (EL84/6V6/ECL82/ECL86) single-ended amp is an ideal match if you can live with 2-5W. On a real tight budget some of the Class T amps are suitable.

The SS are invariably diy, lots of diy tube amps, and some buyable -- like this miniwatt N3 - Amplifiers. Class D are typically install a working board in a box diy or just buy one.

Lots & lots of info in the amp forums

Some Class-T examples classa t amplifier - Parts Express Ships Fast and Ships Free - 106

You could be very surprised by the speakers :D


Tias 11th September 2012 08:35 AM

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply!

Wow, I had to google a lot of terms there. :)

I would love to go with a tube amp, mainly because people always rave about them, not to mention they look amazing.
But I have to admit I've never heard one in action. would love to hear it on a system next to a 'normal' system to hear the difference. Will have to drop into some of my local shops to have a chat and a listen. Although I'd like to learn more about it before going in :)

When you say DIY, how far does that go? Honestly, I'm not good at diy but keen to learn, but would rather not destroy the first amp I buy. The missus would not be impressed and have a good laugh.

Those Miniwatt amps look nice, price-wise as well. will they be powerful enough for these speakers? Meaning, what would the limitations be and/or differences with a more powerful amp?

Thanks for your help!


Tias 11th September 2012 08:43 AM

Oh, and in my rush forgot to answer your two question.
Room is small'ish. 3.8m x 3.5m (12.467feet x 11.482feet)

And here is a photo of the speakers. Not a photo in my house. Is from the person I bought them from.

Thanks again!

planet10 11th September 2012 08:52 AM


When you say DIY, how far does that go?
As far as you want to go... little to lots. Chinese made pre-built kits (just waiting for you so go under the hood) to built from scratch. Go cruising in the forums for some ideas.

A small Firstwatt, F2 or F2J (5W?, 1 of the Burning Amps is probably real similar) or a 2A3 (3.5W) or 2A3 PP (8-12w) would be match made in heaven The small SE amps have very few parts so are a good starter.

unless you play real loud or have a very large room (even then, our 3.9w RH84 does pretty good with other FE126 horns).


planet10 11th September 2012 08:55 AM


Originally Posted by Tias (
And here is a photo of the speakers.

He did a lovely job.


jonparkhurst 11th September 2012 03:23 PM

Tom McNally's amps are nice too. 5-15 watts of KT 66, 77 or 88.. under 6oo dollars. Google him...

planet10 11th September 2012 08:06 PM

One should also mention the Tubelab amps/PC boards.

Tubelab - diyAudio


Tias 11th September 2012 09:24 PM

Thanks guys for the response.

Been a great help!
For now I think I will have to go with something that is already built because I really don't want to mess it up, that and so I actually have something to play music on while I do my own diy.

One more question, i have read that it is recommended to use these speakers with a sub because they can lack in the lower range.
Do any of these amps accomodate for a sub?



zman01 12th September 2012 05:14 AM


The Fostex FE126E is a high efficiency speaker - it will work nicely with the low watt tube amps that Dave and others have recommended.

On the other hand, sub-woofers typically require amps with much more wattage - you will need a solid state amp here. BTW, the sub-woofer you have got, does it have an amp? A lot of subs are "active" and come with an amplifier and some controls (volume, bass level, cross over frequency etc.).

I've used the Mini-watt N3 - a nice sounding unit in a compact package - and no build required.:)

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