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cross reference 12th August 2012 08:30 PM

Fostex Fe vs the FF series?
Hello again. I had acouple of questions? I have had the fostex ff drivers and the fe drivers. I feel the fe are more like a live sound and the ff is more of a laid back 50's jbl sound. I was wondering if I could use the ff85wk and then use a fe126en to fill in the lower notes and then add a subwoofer in time? I was told by some friends of mine that the fe126en sound really good but are missing the higher notes? That have never heard a fullrange driver before and also said it need help in the lower bass notes? Is there a box that I can build that will give me more of everthing or is this just how it is and you need to build around it? Thanks jm

planet10 12th August 2012 08:43 PM

Questing after the same sort of thing we did, we started with Tysen, then The MTM... both did really well. Still exploring the subject.


chrisb 12th August 2012 10:20 PM

Have you actually had to opportunity to hear any of the new WK series?
I'd first try the FF85WK with simply woofers of your choosing - frankly, I think there'd be enough disparity in the dynamics and tonal signature between the FE126E and the 85WK for the combination to come off less that seamless.

We've played with the previous 85K (Tysen and the MTM that Dave referenced) and the new 85WK - once relieved of heavy lifting below upper mid-bass, to as high as circa 300Hz, they are quite amazing.

As to the FE126E, or the newer EN, lacking top end, Ed Schilling of Hornshoppe had famously swore by this driver as the "it" answer for years, but eventually found that, perhaps in the name of generally fiddling about or to meet queries by his legions of customers, some extra "air up there" might be nice. The first step was one of the Fostex Horn SuperTweeters (I honestly forget which, but they currently range from $190 to $900ea - NOT A TYPO); then ultimately the addition of newly available HEIL AMT tweeters, crossed over circa 1000Hz, transformed this simple Horn into a 2-way "Time Vampire" (his words).

Personally, while there have always been some rougher edges in the FE126E's upper midrange, and it lacks the top end extension of something like the FF85(either version), or for that matter Mark Audio Alpair6M, I don't find them unlistenable without assistance.

cross reference 12th August 2012 11:24 PM

Yes I have had the ff85wk speakers and sold them for another project. They would be my fav. speaker but, due to the lower notes not being able to play its still a very sweet speaker. I have on hand right now a new unused pair of ff125wk drivers in thebox but, thinking of selling them due to other projects that need to get done rigt away. I also have pair of the fe126en drivers I mod. the cone and damped the basket. I have them in a floor standing box rear slot opened for air. The mark audios were very good the alpair 6-p the get around more natural then the fostex but, missing that last shimmer in the top end alittle soft. These are the ones I had and traded them for a amp. Just to much stuff laying around the house and this is my last project intill next year. I just what I am asking is? Can I mate two fullrange drivers together like fostex has send me plans with my ff125wk? Will it work or will it have problems of the same drivers covering the same freq? The perfect speaker is to mix the ff85wk and have a 8 inch woofer on the bottem covering the lower notes and put a fake tweeter on top and do a fooling at on everyone listening to them. Thanks jm

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