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magnetman 11th August 2012 01:43 AM

Lowther DX3 Cabinet, what too do?
Hi all,
I am looking at a diy cabinet for DX3's, I have to say my head is spinning there are so many options!

I have purchased a pair of Lowther DX3's from the common sense audio crew, I have plans for their 2.8 bass reflex cab. I have spoken to Lowther they suggest the Fidelios. I have a mate recommending I investigate infinite baffle (closed box) And have come up trumps for information on that. There is also the voight pipe and it goes on and on.

Anyone got a suggestion?

The room I intend to use is (W)3.5m x (L)4.5m x (H)3m I will set up along the narrow end as its the only place that is logical given the placement of architectural fixtures. the floor is timber it has a large rug covering 3/4 of the area. The room has a medium liveliness.

My music tastes range from 20th century classical too metal, from jazz to experimental through rock and alternative.

ohh yeah the amp is a Tubelab SE 300b.

Thanks for reading.

Bare 11th August 2012 01:55 AM

Been there done mid 80's. Spent 2/3 years Dicking with the things.
Problem was that they have 'glimmerings' of being quite Good.
But (in my case at least) it was ephemeral. Just like Farming, one good result makes one put up with /hope for another good year/result.
Hey! it's just around the next corner :-).. never happens though, just like wining the lottery, it happens to someone else...decided Life's too short imo.
Ever wonder WHY? there are more box designs than mfg'd Lowthers ? IMO Cuz none actually work as expected :_)
Finally sold the things in Disgust.. with never a second thought.
Good luck for many, the quest is everything.

talaerts 11th August 2012 04:13 AM

Never make a BR box for a Lowther, it won't work. I don't understand why the common sense people show so little common sense in that.

The Fidelio (which I have not heard) is a modern design by Lowther itself, I believe they also sell or sold the ready made speaker so it should be reasonable.

But I would first investigate Martin King's well documented MLTL (which looks superficially like a bass reflex, but it isn't) design. This allows you to get some bass with a reasonably sized enclosure.
Several pages, plans and strongly recommended BSC filter are here:
Lowther DX Series of Drivers in a ML TL Enclosure
You can always install double speaker binding posts on this box with one pair bypassing the correction filter so you can try your preference.

Melon Head 11th August 2012 10:28 AM

Forget about a cabinet and build a Slot loaded open baffle.

Circlomanen 11th August 2012 11:15 AM

If you want some bass out of them i would rekomend the BIB. They are large back-loaded corner-horns that is easy to build. They sound very full and powerful, and i think that would be a very good match to the Lowthers quite strong personality. Lowther can sound wonderful, but they are not so easy to get most out of. You have to work to get there.


Scottmoose 11th August 2012 11:25 AM

A BR is not impossible with a DX3 assuming a high output impedance amplifier, although I'd want a properly designed one & not the CSA 2.8ft^3 box. You won't get particularly great LF extension though, and dynamic range will be limited since it's no different to an MLTL in almost certainly requiring some shelving filters.

Sealed will have zero useful LF output, but it would be practical were you to use the DX3s as wideband mid-tweets with supporting bass drivers (what people nowadays have an obsession for calling a 'FAST' system: a loathsome and irritating moniker for what is simply a 2-way with a relatively low XO frequency).

A back-horn is probably closest to what Lowther originally intended for the drivers; there are plenty of designs out there. Just make sure it's the largest you can practically use. A BIB is simple, if tall, effective, and in fact is the closest thing around to the original Voigt (no 'h') horn / pipe. They are essentially just tapped conical horns and since they usually have a wider gain BW than an MLTL or BR, you may require less corrective circuitry.

Lowthers work as expected. Assuming a competent designer, so do the boxes (although there have been many poorly designed enclosures for Lowthers over the years). However, all design is a compromise, Lowthers are also idiosyncratic units, not everybody likes this, and if you don't, that means they are hard work since you will need multiple filters, and the end result still isn't likely to appeal to someone who doesn't really care for that sort of sound in the first place.

larryldspkr 11th August 2012 03:49 PM

I think Bob Brines has a nice MLTL cabinet design for this driver!


Bob Brines 11th August 2012 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by larryldspkr (
I think Bob Brines has a nice MLTL cabinet design for this driver!


I do PM me.


magnetman 11th August 2012 10:03 PM

Thanks everyone,

Mellon Head I like the idea unfortunately I can't spare much space. I have a maximum of 1m out from the wall.

Scottmoose I have been considering the idea of a two way, even a 3 way with a super tweet.
Back to single driver, I was looking at a back loaded horn yesterday called the Alfredo, the few that have commented on it like it.

Has anyone else heard of the Alfredo? what do you think?

Melon Head 11th August 2012 11:42 PM

I wouldn't rule it out. Even 1m is ok. You can also make the baffle smaller. There are no hard and fast rules (no pun intended)

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