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Anchan 7th August 2012 05:41 PM

Weird Enclosure- Need Help
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I am designing a custom DJ table console for a client. The DJ platters are connected to rotary encoders which will basically scrub through mp3 files. The DJ table will be placed in a public space, so its built like a tank. The music which will be played will no doubt include rock and probably dance, and who knows what else.

But my main question is about the speakers. Right now, they are drawn as 6" speakers, but that can change. Smaller is OK, bigger not.

Does anyone have a recommendation for pair of speakers that can be used in this configuration? Also, I imagine closing off the speakers into a separate chamber would be beneficial. How should I do that? Right now the speakers are open right into the whole big cabinet. Polyfill, somewhere? I'm driving in the dark...

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I've built a few amps from this site, but my speaker building experience is limited... aka nonexistent.

Many Thanks!!

mikejennens 7th August 2012 06:22 PM

Can you provide a few more details? What's driving them, are they being driven by their own amp, their purpose (for the DJ to listen to? in addition to other speakers?), budget, etc? Foe DJ'ing, I would lean toward one of the professional speakers such as Eminence.
Depending on the driver, it may or may not need a different sized box than it already has. I would, however, put each driver in its own box.

Anchan 7th August 2012 10:00 PM

Thanks for replying. Yes, I think I should supply a little more info.
This is not really for a real DJ playing a real set. It goes in a childrens/science museum in their music area. Its so kids can play around with beat matching, mixing different types of music together etc. So the volume would be moderate, and not too boombastic. I am just looking to get as decent a sound as I can.

I was thinking to use an inexpensive class-d amp. There are a few on parts-express that I have used which are decent. For cost I would think I could do pretty well for under $100 per driver.

I need the most help on the box. Given the exhibit is generally going to be as drawn, I need to know what makes the most sense in terms of boxing each speaker.

Thanks again.

mikejennens 7th August 2012 10:16 PM

For what you're looking for, there are quite a few 4 inch full range speakers on the Parts Express website that will do the trick and work with a class-d amp. Depending on the driver you choose, we can run it through WinISD and see what we get for box size.

bear 7th August 2012 11:54 PM

take a trip around ur local super market or wallmart, you will see an array playing, actually you will hear it only when you are right in front or below (if on the ceiling) of it in the "sweet spot". Often it is with a small video display.

It's a phased array, very narrow projection, almost no sound off to the sides. Would be a worthy way to go. You can use some 99 cent speakers that PE sells... a fair number of them...

how to make the array work?

doubtless you can find that information online with some effort in searching, and figuring out who is making and selling these things, eventually a patent or similar information will turn up. :D


Lunchietey 8th August 2012 04:58 AM

Wouldnt just a pair of reasonable car 6" speakers(coaxial) do well? Could be free-air mounted and are optimised for a bit of bass without an enclosure. They will also likely have reasonable grills for protection.

Also what about something like the Visaton FR 16 WP in black? Completely waterproof and if you use tamper screws essentially vandal proof. These sound better than their fr graphs would have you believe and are optimised for free air too.(they do smaller models too 5" 4" 3")

Option #3 would be to butcher a pair lof logitech computer speakers, flush mount the mid/tweeters on top and hide the sub under the table. I'm just assuming most kids have no real appreciation of sound quality and this would be cheap, simple and just as effective.

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