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hurtz 14th July 2012 12:45 PM

Near-field monitor 85Hz and below

as the title suggests I'm looking for a near-field monitor.
Since I'm spending most of my time at my desk when listening to music, the ear-speaker distance is mostly a meter or so.
I'm also in posession of a t-tqwt subwoofer that drops at 85Hz so I guess the new speakers should be linear to 80Hz or so.

Also I hear the markaudio chassis are the scream concerning fullrange drivers?

I'd love to hear your ideas/suggestions for this.

I'm not a complete beginner when it comes to simulation and I have a calibrated microphone I can use to measure. So I'm mostly in it for the learning experience to become a good speaker-designer :-) (not just hit and run)


tvrgeek 15th July 2012 12:13 AM

I had a similar idea, but to use the Fostex 125. They are hard to use and to order the passive parts necessary to tame them, as best to what I modeled in my DCX, costs several times the drivers. I am still going to do them, but lower on my list. Same reason, for the experience. So far, I don't like what I hear or see in the charts, but until I build the best I know how I can't claim that full range is a pipe dream. I think so, but I will try to prove myself wrong. One basic problem that could impact desk speakers is size. The light weight cones needed to get any semblance of treble means high Fs and large VAS. Darn physics.

tuxedocivic 15th July 2012 12:58 AM

I believe the MA drivers are the way to go for nearfield. They're lower effeficiency which is not a concern in the nearfield. The lower efficiency allows for a smoother response and better bass unlike the fostex the tvrgeek referenced. If the computer is the source I've had great success using the onboard eq to compensate for baffle step and any response issues.

The A7 might be a good choice in a sealed enclosure. Others will likely have a better formed opinion of that. 85hz isn't a tough job for the MA stuff.

Tom V 15th July 2012 01:10 AM

The Alpair 6M is the one that MarkAudio specifically says is designed for nearfield use.

My computer speakers are CHR-70 Gen 2 in a 9.5L bass-reflex which I am well pleased with, so I second the recommendation for the MA drivers.


vinylkid58 15th July 2012 01:36 AM

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Alpair 6P's in proto P10 mMar-Ken boxes here.:up:


tvrgeek 15th July 2012 11:47 AM

Guess I am not willing to give up that much desk space.

kokamola 15th July 2012 12:00 PM

I'm using the Tang Band W3-315 in a small TQWT (W3-mini-line). It needs just a small area on your desk but the driver is in an high position -> on axis to your ears. I love the sound of this speakers.

hurtz 15th July 2012 01:20 PM

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Hi, thanks for the replys,

The computer wll be the source most of the time but I'd rather like to avoid pc-equalisation, it makes things a whole lot more difficult, especially in a 5.1 system where the surround speakers don't match the front.

@vinylkid Those look nice!

@kokamola I have a cyburgs needle but I don't quite like the sound of it, even though it is amazing what comes out of thesse, I felt reminded of the days with a subwoofer crossed over at 150Hz or so. The sound didn't seem quite consistent.

As a driver the MA alpair 7.3 seemed nice, the additional membrane area should do the trick of reaching the lower frequencys. I did some simulations in hornresp and arrived at a vented 10l enclosure. The freq. response looks nice, however in the past it turned out the simulations were not that accurate. Usually the lower frequencys dropped a lot faster than predicted and the irregularities in the higher frequencys proved to be more distinctive than expected.


kokamola 15th July 2012 02:30 PM

The needle I used, too and I didn't like it because there was no kick (like a less of the 80-120Hz) but deeper there was more than enough. The mini line sounds on another way, much better.

hurtz 15th July 2012 07:45 PM

Were you able to measure them by any chance?

The Fonken enclosures look very good! (The big one with the vents at the sides) But I don't have the tools to make them :-/

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