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Rafal 4th July 2012 01:14 AM

Lowther drivers for Big Fun horns

I would like to build nice, large Lowther horns and narrowed it down to Acousta 116 and Big-Fun. I am leaning towards the Big-Fun but I can't find anywhere which Lowther driver is suitable for this cabinet. I would be very grateful if someone could advise me or point me to the source of info on this topic.

I would also be very interested in your impressions re. Big-Fun and Acousta 116 Lowthers.



talaerts 4th July 2012 03:20 AM

I remember that the designer of the Big Fun used the entry level Lowther PM6C driver.
And, also from memory as I don't have the saved webpages with the full design approach here (I believe they're not online anymore unfortunately), that it was a "common sense" design using just a few formulas (not the result of extensive computer modeling), in which the characteristics of the different lowther models won't make much difference. Which doesn't mean that they'll all be excellent in the box.

Rafal 4th July 2012 03:32 PM

Thanks talaerts,

What would be the most ideal lowther for this box. Does anyone have some suggestions?



talaerts 4th July 2012 04:00 PM

I remember that the designer was very happy with his PM6C in it.

DrBoar 4th July 2012 10:10 PM

Bigfun is here bigfunht
A big horn with a mouth area of 0.7 m2 while the Accousta has a 0.12 m2 mouth a far smaller hybrid horn/pipe type. I have built the Lowther Accousta 115 and found it very bass light.

I would go for the big fun horn, and not worry much about if the driver fit the horn, simulationas and measurement indicate that horns are quite robust as far as driver parameters go (Klang & Ton Schmacks horn).

If the big horn is to big look at the Jericho 08 from hobby HiFi in 2008 issue 2, with an mouth area of 0.2 m2 it is a step up from the A116.

Rafal 4th July 2012 11:43 PM

Thanks DrBoar and talaerts,

I think I'll attempt the Big Fun horns. Now, which driver to chose. I'm leaning towards EX3 or 4, DX 3 or 4, or PM2A. Which would you suggest?



talaerts 5th July 2012 07:24 AM

I don't have much hands-on experience with lowther, only listened to them a few times so I can hardly give you precise advice there.
What I read: in general some people find that the absorption at the back of the EX drivers takes some of the life out of the driver.
In the DX series, people often find the DX3 to occupy the best quality/price.

My own take, when spending the price of the *X4 drivers, I recommend to also check out AER and Voxativ drivers. Excellent stuff.
i also recommend to redesign the front panel of the big fun a bit so that you can use a replaceable mounting baffle, allowing you to swap drivers, even towards non-lowther ones.

DrBoar 5th July 2012 11:48 PM

All Lowthers I have seen measured have had a large boost in the 2kHz and upwards range, it gives a shouty forward sound. Voxativ is in a totaly different legue than Lowther, sound and manufacturing wise. Have you looked into the the Seas full ranges?

Nelson Pass 5th July 2012 11:56 PM

IMHO you want the PM6A with the 16 ohm silver voice coil.

I like them best in OB's, and I occasionally notch them -2 dB at 2 KHz, but
these particular drivers don't come across as shouty.

The SEAS full range drivers are nice, but not the same thing. They are
subjectively more along the lines of Fostex or AN in the upper frequencies.

The SEAS are particularly useful when you want some actual bass out of a
sealed or BR box and want to stick with a single driver instead of adding a


Rafal 6th July 2012 02:31 AM

Lowther in OB? that sounds interesting! I tried some full range drivers in OB like fr125s and visaton b200 and really liked the lack of coloration but the bass was lacking. I would assume that the lowthers would have to be augmented with a bass drivers. The "box" construction would be simple though.

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