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liamstrain 5th March 2012 07:42 AM

BK12 versus FH3 for FE126En without a corner...
I do not have a corner to place these (and it is questionable what may end up behind them, so the rear facing horn of the FH3 (and Austin 126) have me a bit worried.

The wife has nixed the Metronome, Saburo and Chang horns, so I'm pretty much left with the BK12 style of horn... or the little half Changs.

Given a center wall placement, do you think the BK12 holds up better than the FH3 in the same location? Are there other similar folded horns that I should be looking at? Or a cyburg needle style enclosure that works well with the FE126En?

Your guidance is much appreciated.

zman01 5th March 2012 09:18 AM

Do you already have the FE126EN with you, or you have a choice of drivers here?

liamstrain 5th March 2012 09:38 AM

Already have the FE126En (and the FF85WK, but I'm planning a desktop microOnken for those).

zman01 5th March 2012 11:04 AM

I am sure others will chime in, but my understanding is that you will need a fairly large cabinet (i.e. Saburo, Kongo or the Changs) to coax bass out a driver like FE126EN. Users of the FH3 can testify to usable LF if placed in corners - which in your case is not available.

So given the circumstances would you consider investing in a new pair of drivers? Various models of Mark Audio and Tang Band drivers should work without corner reinforcement in the FH3.

I have used the CSS EL-70 and Alp 7.3 in FH3 - plenty of LF given cabinet size, and overall sound is good too.

jimbro 5th March 2012 12:41 PM

Half-changs (not at all little) are not for 126s by the way. List is pretty narrow now. Have you tried showing your wife some finished speakers from the gallery? Maybe she'll un-nix one of them.

jonparkhurst 5th March 2012 01:19 PM

Can t do Changs with 126, what about a Frugal with the triangle sets at the back so you don't need a corner. this should help a lot. just a 8x8x8 triangle box or baffle at back.??????? I really like my Frugals with the 126en and when i had them set with a deflector in the back, they worked perfect, similar to corner loading.. JON

liamstrain 5th March 2012 01:37 PM

No experiences with the BK12? I'm wondering if that with some good attention to the horn shapes (using curved internal paths and flared vent) can help boost its performance - if it needs boosting) and a bsc circuit to balance it a bit.

Jimbro - she was pretty specific in her requirements list, and does not want any speakers taller than her 5' height. And the Austin 126 was nixed for being "just plain ugly." :)

I supposed I could work the austin's internal shape into a squared cabinet to pretty it up, but I'm still worried about the rear vent in general.

Scottmoose 5th March 2012 03:04 PM

The madisound BK12m is a reasonable box for what it is & achieves its intended performance goals. Smoothing it will make things worse, you'll just encourage unwanted midrange output through the horn. There is no vent, so nothing to flare.

One of the objects of having a back-horn in the first place is to avoid compensation circuits; it shouldn't require one in most circumstances. However, you may be better off selling the 126s & buying a more versatile unit given that you are obviously very restricted in what you can use.

liamstrain 5th March 2012 03:14 PM

vent = mouth

Interesting, I would never have guessed that a smoother horn path would decrease performance... I always assumed (which I shouldn't do) that the stepped angles in so many of these DIY horns were a compromise for manufacturing ease.

I'm at a point now where I think I need to build a reasonably performing box, as designed, to get a feel for what to expect sound wise, before I start diving into King's work sheets and theory and experimenting.

But maybe you are right about the 126 being too limited a driver. I'll have to ponder. Do you have any recommendations in the same general price range as the 126? (so probably no Alpair or Sigmas).

zman01 5th March 2012 03:49 PM


Originally Posted by liamstrain (

But maybe you are right about the 126 being too limited a driver. I'll have to ponder. Do you have any recommendations in the same general price range as the 126? (so probably no Alpair or Sigmas).

CSS EL70 - slightly cheaper than FE126EN. This driver is made by Mark Fenlon of Mark Audio. If you prefer bright sound then you might consider the CHR-70.3.

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