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gaborbela 19th January 2012 07:23 AM

Tang band 4" drivers helllpppp please

I purchased a pair W4-1320SIF bamboo cone full range driver.
To my ear it sound a bit dark.
I used to listening aluminium (metal) cone drivers like Visaton AL130 etc.
I think I return the drivers to Solen electronic and I purchase the same size Titanium cone driver.
I have a question,
If you look the speaker diagram after 10K it goes up some place almost 10db louder.
Can I adjust that so not to get to much high frequency?
I will use it with a 8" woofer until 400Hz.
With the bamboo cone I'm sure I'll need to ad a tweeter. But the sound character dark even in the mid section. Also need some help at high frequency.
Can you please let me know if I can smooth out the frequency over 10K at if I get the Titanium cone driver.
Thank you for any advice. It would be great to get advise ASAP so I can exchange the drivers.
I'm also willing to sell them in case someone interested now.
You save the shipping cost. These driver are brand new they just arrived today afternoon.

picowallspeaker 19th January 2012 07:39 AM

Did the drivers arrived already run-in ? I don't think so
So you must play something with them for 5-10 hours before
claiming anything about their sound.
That's usual practice , but I'm sure you knew that.
As you probably know how to model / shape a response through using serial
RLC nets .

gaborbela 19th January 2012 02:56 PM

Yes I did run 5 hours , the sound get better buts till dark to me.
The last 7 years I listening only metal cone drivers.
I think to exchange the bamboo to titanium cone. Probably that closer to my taste and has more life in it.
I need a bit more highs to. Do not forget my 8" woofer is kevlar a bit soft to. For bass I want to run that up to 400Hz.
I have a feeling these bamboo cone need a tweeter (some help)even if I would get used to it to the sound.
Only problem with the titanium cone over 10KHz it go over 90Db that look like a bit to much.
Now If I return I loose all the shipping cost (both way) plus I have to pay another shipping cost on the titanium to.
I built several speakers but these would be my first full range.
If only I have a tweeter I would know how to cut with a L pod a couple db. But L pod can not used in a full range drive. probably some capacitor between the +/- or inductor???
Greetings Gabor

DYNABLASTERTUNERS 19th January 2012 03:18 PM

take the TB flat cone 3" or 4", for not loud levels cut it at about 400Hz, if loud then 600Hz(800Hz)

gaborbela 19th January 2012 05:27 PM

These is about these two driver
Both 4"full range. I just returned the bamboo cone driver for exchange to the titanium cone.
Because the last 7 years I listen metal cone the bamboo a bit to dark to me. All do it is a great driver for that price.
The titanium probably will be better (give lighter sound) to my taste but it has a nasty hike over 13KHz if you look at the diagram of the driver you can see it.
I must cut back that highs because that will be to loud, some area goes over
The Solen electronics technician told me on the phone I must use some small inductors parallel with the driver.
He didn't told me what size but I will figure out some how.
I only want a full range speaker supported at the bass with a 8" woofer.
I do not want to use a tweeter to.

Greetings Gabor

Godzilla 19th January 2012 08:58 PM

I think the Bamboo cone is a bit dark sounding too and use a tweeter with it. I like that type of sound. I also heard the 3" Titanium and it sounded brighter but not too bright. I think the rise at the very top of the response will not be obtrusive... it just adds a little zing!

gaborbela 19th January 2012 09:27 PM


Thank you

I will see after I ad the 8" woofer crossing point around 400Hz.
I do not want to use tweeter if is possible. Because the darker sound for that reason I returned the bamboo cone. All do not bad at all.
I hope the titanium will be a bit brighter.
May be the top will be OK with the extra bass driver.
Unfortunately I got used to it to the metal cone drivers now hard to listen other type.
Again the 4" Tang band bamboo very nice driver and very smooth.
I hope the titanium will be at least as good but a bit brighter sound (not to bright just a bit).
Also the titanium 1db louder than the bamboo after the data.
These rated about 25W continuous, if I cut the bass of at 400Hz that must increase the power capability of these driver and hope reduce further the distortion.
Usually the human hearing limited around 16-17KHz. So not much will be there at the top.
In case if bother me I'll try to use some inductor..

Greetings Gabor

Michael Chua 20th January 2012 03:01 PM

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I have a Tang Band W3 Bamboo Cone at MICRO

On it's own, not for me. Ended up with a tweeter.

gaborbela 20th January 2012 04:40 PM

Yes that is what I heard from the bamboo cone. It need a tweeter. Otherwise it is to dark..
I would end up a 3 way speaker instead a full range.
How I stated I want to support with a 8" woofer to get enough bass out of it. Actually I plan to use a XO at 400Hz. To take that bass of from the TB 4" driver. I had that woofer brand new from Monacor the SPH 200 KE. Is a kevlar driver, wel built ag good quality, it is possible to use as a midwoofer but I don't like the soft mids. That is why I picked the TB. As a woofer sound great from 50L F3 under 30Hz. Next to that I want a driver which I do not have to use tweeter. Probably the titanium will sound better, brighter. Now I returned the bamboo for exchange to the same size titanium cone.
Let see what I get when it arrive.

picowallspeaker 20th January 2012 04:48 PM

Hi Gaborbela ,
yes ,the steps are Ok ,using a fullrange for a mid is doable ,if not advisable.
On the tw side , the good ol' treated silk might still be the best choice .

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