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edinm 11th January 2012 07:04 AM

I need help chosing fullrange driver for FAST ...

I am investigating approach to DIY project. I have 2 of Aursound NS8 woofers waiting on shelf. First I wanted to make 3 way out of them, now I read here about F.A.S.T. concept and decide to go that way.

Now I am stack in choosing full range for project. I have couple of candidates:

- ED E60 (new Jordan JXR6HD) -> size is 2" and I am waried about performance
- Fountek FR89EX (or FR88EX) -> i am waried about sound of metal cone. I would like paper
- Fostex FF85WK -> I already had FE127E and dont like peaks, didnt sound nice to me
- TB W4-1320
- TB W5-1611
- Some other TB W3 or W4, there are couple of them

I plan to put them in traditional 2 way box, about 17 liter for woofer and 2 - 3 litter chamber within box, sealed for full range driver.

Crossover will be around 250 - 300Hz, first order, with variable L-PAD if needed to control fullrange level.

Amplifier is Class D IcePower asx50 module, 2 x 25w (4 ohm)

Please could someone make me nice propostition what driver to choose. I am unable to test any of this drivers.

My clossest candidate are: EAD E60 (most expensive one) and TB W5-1611 (ferrite version)

Thanks Very much

BHTX 11th January 2012 09:54 AM

Fountek FE85 is $13.
Fostex FF85WK isn't like the larger FE series drivers.
Keep in mind that a 1st order xo at 250-300 Hz on the full-range will end up with 3rd to 4th order acoustic high-pass. And unless you're using an active crossover, you're likely to run into issues with impedance with the full-ranger. Also, those Aura woofers are better suited to being crossed low. With a 3rd order acoustic on the full-range, I'd put at least a 2nd order low-pass on that woofer. Just my opinion.

picowallspeaker 11th January 2012 10:51 AM

Yes , more than 3" diameter isn't likely to reproduce treble , almost when listened off-axis .

edinm 12th January 2012 07:27 AM

Update ...

I just ordered EAD E60. Now I can hope I made good selection. From lot of posts and comments I realizd that 2" - 3" drivers are optimal for FAST, so I choosed this driver.

It is expensive but want to have best posible reult.

Now I need help how to do it in best way. I have Aurasound NS8 as woofers. Where to cross it. I have all needed elements already to make pasive crossover 280Hz. Low pass 2nd order and highpass 1st order. I wonder is it better to put all drivers in ne enclossure with sealed shamber around 2.5 liter for E60, or to built enclosure for E60 and put in on woofer as separate box.

Enclosure for woofers are around 16.8 liter.

Is this woofer is good for this application? I plan to use it because I alredy have it. I think that woofer is not critical for this system because it covers low frequencies. Maybe I am wrong?

Thanks for help.

picowallspeaker 12th January 2012 02:44 PM

Nice choice !!
Just brainstorming ....
matching the little EA 60 with a big waveguide ( such as the Dayton WG 8-10" ) could help in raising the level above 1 KHz ; practically you have a little powerful tweeter that has 2mm excursion !! This because it has some 2 dB less sensitivity than the woofer , but that's no problem because the filter and the baffle suck almost 3 dB from the woofer !
Since the little FR has to reproduce frequencies above 150 Hz , its box can be
less voluminous than could go even OB or nearly ,with heavy damping of the backwave with felt .
Then , lately I've been experiencing with total isolation of the cabinet from vibration ,that is to say , suspending it with rubber bands to a stand ( framework ). Total and different approach ,and very rewarding . naturally , each driver doesn't have to interact with the other , so it becomes more difficult to suspend both :rolleyes: It's easier to put the HF unit below the woofer .

edinm 5th March 2012 11:28 AM

Project finished ...

Ead E60 drivers arrived couple of weeks ago. After eperimnting with diffrent LF drivers I finaly settled on this design:

- Floorstanders, 30 lit in total volume
- EAD E60 in 3 liter sealed box, separated from woofer part of the box
- Around 25 lit volume for woofers
- I used Iso-barik maded from two Aurasound NS6-8A 6" woofers. Drivers are in >> configuration.
- Enclosure is heavily braced and constructed from plywood 18mm.
- Port is 6.8cm x 19cm
Crossover is pasive 280hz, 2nd order for woofer and 1 order for E60.

Results are impresive LF that goes to F3 - 38Hz, F10 - 26Hz

Impresive is easy of LF reproduction, Iso-barik isdefinitly great design approach to use.

I all sound very, vry good. Very impresed with results.

vinylkid58 5th March 2012 11:57 AM

Pictures please.:)

edinm 5th March 2012 01:48 PM

Pictures ...
3 Attachment(s)
Construction phase. It could be seen configuration of iso-barik and enclosure.

hooligan72 5th March 2012 04:58 PM

Are you going to make a removable side panel for service access in case the interior woofer blows?

chrisb 5th March 2012 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by hooligan72 (
Are you going to make a removable side panel for service access in case the interior woofer blows?

or portion of front baffle?

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