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pjanda1 10th November 2011 05:20 PM

Fullranger wins Stereophile Product of the Year
I don't think there'll be a link to the article for awhile, but the Voxativ Ampeggio is the Stereophile product of the year. Its a large fullranger in a BLH, and I think you can purchase the driver alone. It is great to see our little niche of the audio world get some mainstream recognition. This speaker beat the newest versions of the B&W 800, Magico Q5 and Wilson Sophia for the honor.

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Godzilla 10th November 2011 05:34 PM

Very cool! All of us can't be completely crazy about what we hear. B&W, Magico and Wilson can continue to blend dissimilar components (domes to cones made from different materials) and stick them into inert boxes as long as there's a market for them but WE hear the problems crossovers make and WE hear the benefits a more elaborate, more difficult, optimized box can produce. We also hear the benefits no box at all can produce (open baffle) and still choose to utilize our favorite full range drivers rather than woofers that go up to 2.5k and tweeters that give you tinnitus.

Having heard expensive, multi-driver speakers from Dynaudio, and the above mentioned brands, I must say I've never been envious of their wares after listening to them.

Wait until all of these little, inexpensive digital amps begin trumping Krell and other expensive solid state... and tube amps. I think the sub $50 Sonic Impact was rated Class D in Stereophile a couple years ago. The Hi-End was in trouble for being more expensive but there may come a time the sound of 'traditional' technology is trumped by simplicity and application.


norman bates 11th November 2011 04:04 AM

wow, huge whizzer.

100db, neo magnet.

6moons review
6moons audio reviews: Voxativ by Schimmel Pianos Ampeggio

It looks like point source and/or more gradual phase shift is gaining an audience, about time!


coldcut 11th November 2011 06:00 AM

What is a Permadur magnet?

Only 20k USD for the top of the line fieldcoil driver.. Each, that is, with goatskin surround and all..

woody 11th November 2011 07:16 AM

Permader is a mixture of about 50% iron and 50% cobalt it's a lot more permeable than just iron and saturates at a much higher flux. But it's expensive and is suposed to be verry hard to machine in fact machinest ofton refer to it as " crack metal " .

454Casull 11th November 2011 07:17 AM

Permendur is a "soft" material for magnetic circuits, like soft iron but better. It doesn't have permanent magnet property.

pjanda1 11th November 2011 01:19 PM

You've got to take sensitivity numbers with a grain of salt. Some manufacturers are egregious than others, and I'm not making a claim about this specific speaker. But, always notice when they don't say (1W/1M). There is a company making popular single driver speakers claiming 101 db and 40 hz extension from a box that is pretty darn small. I often take numbers to mean: both speakers, up close, in a small room, downhill and with the wind.

Unrelated: I wish I could finish cabinets like the pros. It'd probably mean my living room wouldn't be so full of unfinished ply.

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Godzilla 11th November 2011 01:31 PM

>>> If you're sensitive to and attracted by this luminosity, I believe that in the dynamic realm, you can only get it from this type of light-coned highly efficient widebander run solo.

I enjoyed reading about the speaker so thanks for posting the review, Norman. The driver looks beautiful.

pjanda1 11th November 2011 02:20 PM

6moons has really been a beacon for the sorts of audio I like: tube amps, single drivers, etc. I used to read every single review. In the last couple of years, I've come to question their journalistic integrity, and I haven't paid much attention. I was about to cancel my stereophile subscription a few years ago, but then they hired Art Dudley. When he wrote about DIY open baffles, I decided they're worth a few bucks a year.

Wild Burro Audio Labs - DIY Full Range Speakers

badman 11th November 2011 03:03 PM

I heard the Voxativ at the Newport Beach show this year (Really in irvine but who cares), and it was the best room there. Sphile got this one right. The Tannoy room was also a standout (and a couple others)

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