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Toppsy 28th October 2011 11:27 AM

The 'Dales' 2-way speakers
These are my ĎDALEí series of speakers and start with the small standmount EDALES featured here:

These feature the Mark Audio Woofer#6 (CSS EL166) and the Tweeter#3 (CSS ERT26) as a 2-way in a 28L BR cabinet design. The finish on these is Santos Rosewood. The stands are bespoke to the speakers. This is simply a wonderful combination and way outperforms the buget cost of the drivers.

Spurned on by this design and after a late night drinking session with a couple of mates when up in Scotland one suggested a line array type enclosure using 4 the woofers wired series/parallel to improve bass and maintain a nice easy amp friendly nominal 8-ohm load. This would also have the effect of increasing the efficiency from around 87db for the small stand-mounts to around 93/94dB.

So developed the EDINGDALES:

Originally I had started the build with the MA Tweeter#3 to keep in line with the smaller brethren. However, I think the efficiency proved a little too much for the fine performing 1Ē silk dome tweeters and eventually these were swapped out for a pair of ribbon tweeters. In this guise they are stunning performers with a midrange that has been likened to that on my Quad63ís. Bass ainít half bad either. Clean and detailed. They image like no other large floor-stand speaker I have listened to. And all this from what is in effect a 2-way speaker. The featured photos show by prototype build finished in American Cherry veneer.

For those interested there is a large thread on the development of these speakers over on Audio-Talk: audio-talk :: View topic - EDINGDALE speaker build

It is my intention to offer these speakers for sale as bespoke commission builds, initially just for the UK market. However, should there be sufficient interest stateside, Iím sure I can make some arrangement with DaveD/Chrisby of Planet10 fame for you guys. I can be contacted through this forum web pages.

In the pipeline will be an intermediate stand mount speaker, but as yet have to decide the final design of this.

Iíll duplicate this posting in the Multi-Way loudspeaker section of this forum.

markaudio 29th October 2011 07:34 AM

Hi Colin,
Great work! Puts allot of high street offerings to shame.
I'm still thinking about what to do with the woof supply side.

Toppsy 2nd March 2012 11:52 AM

Thought I'd post up a couple of pictures of the latest build of my Edingdale speakers.

These were built for David Brooks who runs and owns 'Mains Cables R Us'.

The speakers are skinned in Blue/Gray dyed Birdeye Maple and even I must admit they do look rather stunning. The speakers shown are in the natural veneer with no finishes and no manipulation of the photo has been done in the likes of photoshop etc. The veneer has a natural marble like sheen but I haven't found a finish that doesn't spoil this look. So they are au naturel.

For those who have not listened to the MA Woofer#6 then you are missing a truely wonderful sounding budget driver. They have a wonderful midrange and are fairly flat down to low frequencies. They perform far in excess of there retail price.

Toppsy 2nd March 2012 12:06 PM

Last weeknd I travelled down to a mate in Bristol, UK for a weekend minifest as a few guys down that way had expressed an interest in hearing my Edingdale speakers.

Copied from another forum, here's what Greg, mine host, had to say:

Toppsy (Colin) makes very good speakers and his latest 'Edingdales' are no exception. Having heard them at a recent fest and recognising their potential, we agreed he would travel south with his speakers so that some of us could sample them in a minifest home situation. We did this last weekend.

Initially, before reaching Bristol, Colin stopped off at Nick's (NickB) place where we compared the Edingdales to Nick's WD25T with very expensive Seas Millennium tweeters. In comparison, the 'Edingdales' produced a far more comprehensive sound that extended properly through the whole frequency range. In comparison with the WD25T, they had fuller bass extension and were much more revealing in the lower frequency register. The WD25T simply could not do what the 'Edingdales' could. It is worth noting that the WD25T's have been upgraded with the most expensive Clarity Caps in the crossover.

Colin stayed with us in Bristol over the weekend. Initially we listened to my WAD KLS3's and Colin acknowledged they presented a very respectable sound. We then swopped in his 'Edingdales' and wow, what a difference! Upper treble was sweeter, midrange was the best I have ever heard, and bass was controlled yet fully extended. I just loved the overall presentation of the sound from these 'Edingdales'.

That was the Friday evening. On Saturday, friends joined in and all fully appreciated the quality of the 'Edingdales'. Pictures below are not too good owing to sunlight in the room at the time.

All these friends of mine have very good audio ears and we all agreed that the 'Edingdales' were superb speakers. High frequency sounds were very evident but tuneful and fully extended. The midrange sound was probably the best I have ever heard (Quad panels excepted) particularly with regard to vocals. Both male and female voices seemed almost live, immediate, totally open and completely in a space of their own. I completely loved this aspect of the 'Edingdale' performance. Actually, overall, the sound presentation had all instruments/voices in there own space. Bass response was impressive, going as low as you can in a normal sized living room but remaining extended, revealing and tight. On certain recordings, you can properly feel the rumble. In particular, the 'Edingdales' being a bass reflex design did not reveal any room node frequency hump that is normally typical in an averaged sized living room. I've worked my pants off to eliminate this problem with KLS3 but have never reached total satisfaction. In contrast, the 'Edingdales' showed no sign of this problem.

To summarize, the 'Edingdales' are very very special. I could not want for a better speaker in my system in my listening room. As a result of this minifest, three of us are trying to persuade Colin to make a pair of 'Edingdales' for us. That is a 50% positive ask commitment from those who came to the fest. I hope he can find a way to do this.

If you want to hear the 'Edingdales' for yourself, visit room 76 on the 1st floor at the Scalford Hall Show on Sunday. See you there.

Here is a link to the Scalford show which is this Sunday 4th March. The HiFi Wigwam 2012 Show

I'm hoping this amount of interest in the woofer #6 driver prompts Mark to push ahead with a new production run of the new improved version of this driver?

clk230 2nd March 2012 06:15 PM

look and sound very interesting out of interest will you be taking orders for speakers at Scalford ?

Toppsy 2nd March 2012 06:50 PM

Hi clk230,

The Scalford show is a none commercial event so taking orders as such at this show might be considered contraversial by the organisers.

I must stress that I am not a trader as such but do builds and speaker kits by request to suppliment my income and I may decide to do this fulltime should there be sufficient interest in my work. I'm almost at that point now with work in the Water Industry here in the UK having all but dried up for me this last couple of years.

However having said that, if you have a quite word with me I'm sure we can work something out. Though I'd prefer any dealing as such to happen post the show.

markaudio 3rd March 2012 12:42 AM

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Hi Guys,
I'd like to congratulate Colin on his work. Goes to show that Diyers are capable of making systems that rival some of the best high street brand offerings. I'd like to see Colin's efforts expand to become a bespoke audio business.

A good example of the potential is Tony Wong's business, started from a "back-room" some 2 years back. Now Tony together with Kenneth are producing some great gear:

Wish I could have been there with the guys in Bristol and at the Wigwam show! The bikkies and the mugs of tea look very inviting!


DYNABLASTERTUNERS 7th March 2012 04:00 AM

Toppsy this is superb:hphones::up::cheers:

Toppsy 2nd April 2012 11:37 AM

To add to my portfolio of builds here's a couple of photos of the latest speakers just before they go off to their new homes later today.

One pair is in crown cut American White Oak the other in crown cut Maple. Both have a oiled finish.

Both sets of speakers should take on a richer look and patina as the veneer starts to age and mature in the natural light.

zman01 2nd April 2012 01:49 PM


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