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minhaj 28th April 2011 08:39 AM


Anybody out there know about this cab:
Inmate Picture Gallery

Sound impression, plan and recommended FR driver?? I am feeling interested for the design.

Apprecite your response.


minhaj 28th April 2011 08:40 AM

Sorry, it is about the first picture, IMGA 0750


talaerts 28th April 2011 03:19 PM

How much of a nerd am I to recognise it?

It is the Lowther Fidelio enclosure. HERE is the pdf.

The idea of splitting the back-radiated energy in a horn and a bass relfex part is interesting and only occasionally done.
I've always been interested in this enclosure, however I have never heard it. It should be good with most lowthers except those with giant magnets.

A variant is the equally interesting Academy which uses 2 Lowther units per box, one firing up-and backwards for a Bose-like approach. Of course the price becomes important then, even with the entry level Lowthers.

HERE is a write-up about both enclosures.

The links are unfortunately not the complete plans. I notice that they are free when you buy speaker units, or otherwise you have to buy them. Personally I'd think that it is in the best interest of a speaker company to have such plans fully available on their site, like Fostex does.

hm 28th April 2011 04:40 PM

i heard it over years, and was disapointed,
"35 Hz bass" is a joke!!

zman01 28th April 2011 05:00 PM


I thought you had lost all interest in BLH! :)


minhaj 2nd May 2011 03:59 AM

Hi Tala,
Thanks for your excellent input. I used at least 7/8 BLH cabs (designs) for myself and heard another few at friends place. I saw it earlier at lowther site many moons ago and forgot meanwhile. I am not happy with what I have heard so far.

Lately I am learning HORNRES to realize something like this
Chris's Tube Haven

Hi Zia,
It was a surprize getting your response here! I am also happy that we met again.
If you check the above link, it will take at least 3 years (for me) to build such a system.
However as Tala said 'Fidelio' is not a BLH rather it is BLH/BR at the same time that's why I felt interested.

Pls keep in touch, about the J /L type horn as above I am alone in my persuit, would you join me.


minhaj 2nd May 2011 04:09 AM

Zia pls check the following links:
Chris's Tube Haven
Redirect Page

Tara you have any experience about J/L type horns?


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