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Michael Speaker 24th March 2011 11:30 PM

Looking for a small decent cabinet and driver
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I was looking for something smaller, but I really like this little horn for the FE126En plus price is too good to miss.

I searched the forum and found that some designs were bad, but could not tell if this was one them.
So, anybody tried this BLH? What were your findings?

planet10 25th March 2011 01:53 AM

IMO this design is one of Fostex's worst factory designs. We built it and were sadly dissapointed. If you get the fire hot enuff they burn well.

I'm working on a 4 litre bass reflex for this driver, probably doesn't go as low, but what bass it will produce i expect will be more satisfying.

If you want as small as possible, with some bass, the expanded Buschhorn Mk 1 (last page of the Frugel-Horn1 plans document). A bit bigger with better performance would be FH Mk1 Level 0, and a bit bigger than that (but simplier and higher performance) would be Frugel-Horn Mk3


Michael Speaker 25th March 2011 04:12 AM

Thanks for the reply, Dave,

I now realize you’re the same Dave I was bugging on your Planet 10-hifi email address about FE127, 126, Audience A3, then Alpair 6M, etc. Maybe we should take the discussion here for the benefit of others.

To recap, I was initially looking (for my classical guitar practice) at the Audience A3 because the required cabinet can be so tiny. Talking with my wife, she said that’s a size she would gladly tolerate for TV. Well, in this case, I was thinking two A3’s per cabinet to make up for the relatively low SPL (82dB). But Audience A3 is out of stock. Which is a good thing because this gave me time to realize how much I was about to invest in 6 drivers. My guitar practice can wait for the A3’s, but now I got my wife hooked and want to finalize the TV speakers before she says we can live without. We hate the home theatre X.1 setup and for movies we only rely on the TV’s inner drivers, but many times we watch concerts and feel the need for some good speakers. Cost is not an issue, size is. That’s why I liked that 60 cm tall horn for the FE126, but if you say it’s fire material, I listen. What else is there that will do good bass in a small cabinet?

I like the small Fonken, but fear the matching driver is too small and won’t have enough power. On top of that, at this size, my wife would want them sitting on top of the book shelves. Does this make the situation worse?

Thanks a lot,

Michael Speaker 25th March 2011 04:22 AM

Dave, I think "Looking for a small decent cabinet and driver" would be a better title for this topic. Would you be able to change it?

planet10 25th March 2011 04:48 AM

If you consider the Fostex Hybrid small enuff, want to make bass and not worry about creating sufficient level for TV use, you should consider the CSS (Mark Audio) EL70. mictoTower, halfTower, mMar-Kel70, the (not yet released) Mar-Kel70 FLoorstander. Any number of variations.

One or 2 drivers, 1 certainly does the job for me, in my room.


chris661 25th March 2011 08:42 AM

Though these do have some bass output (potentially better than you might get from a ported box)...

Estimated extension is out to 60Hz in room, which makes them very easy to integrate with a subwoofer.
Stuffing tends to reduce bass output, though I found adding some to the tapered section and a little around the driver meant a clearer midrange (reduced internal reflections), though at the slight expense of bass output.
Play with placement a little - too close to the back wall, and you'll want the extra stuffing in, to tame the extra output from boundry loading.


chrisb 25th March 2011 04:16 PM

Well, technically it is a ported box, and without LF support the 126 does perform more of its magic in well executed "horn-ish" enclosure formats (BIB, Buschorn, Hornshoppe, and any of Scott Lindgren's family, to name just a few) . It should also work well enough in a FAST or MJK style OB system.

If the Fostex FE127 was still in production, it would be easy to recommend a small driver and enclosure ( 4.5liter)

However, Micheal's particular application here ( small TV speaker) would be better served by something like the suggested CHR/EL70 (or perhaps even the Alpair6), which are known to work quite well approx in the same format/volume.

Michael Speaker 25th March 2011 06:31 PM

OK, the Fonken family size is acceptable and I think I narrowed it down to these options:

• Alpair 6 (or 7) GOLD - wife thinks they would look great on black cabinets and I totally agree, but I prefer the fonkens with vents on the sides and could not find one for the Alpairs.

• CSS EL70 – Dave, you mention the fonken version v1v is for sale only. Does it have side vents?

• FE127 – Dave you said you have two left. Are they good to go?

I tend to favor Alpair GOLD due to color. What’s your advice?


planet10 25th March 2011 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by Michael Speaker (
Alpair 6 (or 7) GOLD - wife thinks they would look great on black cabinets and I totally agree, but I prefer the fonkens with vents on the sides and could not find one for the Alpairs.

There is an A7 box with side vents like the FonkenPrime. Look for posts on CHR-Ken. Except for the size of vent spacers it is the same box. Don Austin (aka Doorman) is one of the few posted pictures of the latest revision. Once we get gold drivers into them, we will post pictures of our build.

A6.2 versions will come. Note that for the A6, these could well have a greater volume of wood than air (we did a set of uFonkenSE in this style, just over 2 litres of air and ~4 litres of wood (granted done overkill with 18mm bamboo ply


CSS EL70 – Dave, you mention the fonken version v1v is for sale only. Does it have side vents?
Yes. You are not buying plans but a subscription to a growing & evolving plan-set. It is a very comprehensive and the ability to ask for variations specific to your needs.

We are still early with these, but i am pleased with how many have gone out without me really talking about them, little info on my website and no posts yet on my diy forum on them


FE127 – Dave you said you have two left. Are they good to go?
Last pair sold this AM. I have 4 singles left at a steep discount.


I tend to favor Alpair GOLD due to color.What’s your advice?
I tend towards the copper myself (it may be called gold but it is really copper)

Gold A6.1

Copper A7

My advice. If you have the power (& quality) & can afford them get the A7. If the amp is a bit sketchy or source material might get trying if the warts are exposed or if you want them to rock look at the EL70. If you don't have the power, the best candidate (FE127) is getting scarce. I did order samples of the new FF125 to see if it will be a suitable substitute.


Michael Speaker 25th March 2011 09:57 PM

OK, then, I will go with A7.
Please pm me with how much / where I need to paypal for a pair of treated Alpair A7 GOLD including shipping to Portland, OR and also please help me locate that fonken with side vents that would go well with them.
Also what's the fonken subscription?

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