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zman01 28th February 2011 01:29 AM

Need help on kid-proofing speakers
Full range Drivers look beautiful in a nice set of cabs and would love to keep it that way...

But we have a toddler in the house and she likes to have a poke at daddy's speakers :). Mid-ranges from my 3 way could not sustain under the attack, and I fear the thin cone FR drivers will be a very early casualty if given the same treatment...

I am thinking of making an acoustic grille (10" x 20") with a grid structure (for extra rigidity and protection) with each square being 1" x 1". The cloth will go on-top of the grid , and the cloth and grid structure will be at approx 1" distance from the baffle. I fear without the grid my daughter might be able to push back the cloth on to the driver. Thinking of making this by gluing thin strips of wood and cane together.

Sounds ok? Any other proven methods I can follow?


head_unit 28th February 2011 01:40 AM

"gluing thin strips of wood and cane together" sounds like something that will
- block the acoustics (cuz they can only be so thin)
- break when she pokes it hard

1) Teach her NOT to poke at the speakers. Yes, it is possible. Been there, done that.

but as a backup plan :D

2) How about chicken wire/fencing under the grille cloth? I'm picturing the stuff that is like a 1" square grid, of pretty rigid metal.

or 2b) Get the metal grilles from a broken Martin-Logan
2b-1) Put a mild electric voltage across the grille. I think 42V is the magic number. Your toddler will touch it ONCE :nownow::eek:

renfrow 28th February 2011 01:56 AM

MCM Electronics has plastic covered metal grills, in a number of sizes, that will protect your speakers.
Here's what you want:


sagamotto 28th February 2011 02:12 AM

3 Attachment(s)
my 2 years old boy put a scrtch at a pair of alpair7 a while ago, I understand the frustration friend ! :D
I now used a set of metal pc fan grill under the cloth grill cover, something like this:
Attachment 211790

Attachment 211791

Attachment 211792

they are cheap and look nice also.

davada 28th February 2011 02:32 AM

Toddlers are not very tall. Why not put the speakers on stands high above toddler reach.


zman01 28th February 2011 02:34 AM

Head_unit, teaching her not too, and that's an ongoing process - and of course w/o any application of voltages! :)

Jokes aside, how thick is thick enough to block acoustics? Chicken wire fencing was what I had in mind, but will that create resonance?

Tom, the grills you have suggested look smart but the mesh is very dense Won't these have an effect on acoustics?

zman01 28th February 2011 02:38 AM

Sagamotto, my Alpair 12s are on the way... and I am scared :). Hope besides the scratch the driver is fine?

Cool what you did with bringing in PC tech to speakers :) Does it have any negative effects on the sound?

planet10 28th February 2011 02:41 AM


Originally Posted by sagamotto (
... now use a set of metal pc fan grill under the cloth grill cover

Some of those are just about perfect for the task.

How do you XO that tweeter without degrading the sound of the A7? i find the top end better than most tweeters.


BTW, i feel your pain on the A7. Both Chris & i have dented one.

zman01 28th February 2011 03:09 AM


AFAIK Most of the PC grills max out at 140-150mm. For FE166EN and Alpair 12 I think I will need something around 200 mm (or slightly larger). Will go looking.


zman01 28th February 2011 03:30 AM

Found this toasting grill :)... (pics attached). Can get some legs fixed on this and mount in front of the driver..

Size is 8" x 10". However gaps are small - more like 0.5" x 0.5". Also ends are not fixed - will these 2 factors:

1. Block/interfere sound
2. Create resonance


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