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von Ah 9th February 2011 11:00 AM

The Minimus 7 solution
I've found the perfect retrofit for the beloved Minimus 7: Tang Band W4-930SF.
Just got them from Madisound yesterday and the fit is perfect. Even the original terminals fit from the old woofer (which runs full range with the original crossover). I disconnected and taped the leads for the tweeters and closed everything back up. Slam dunk easy. :D I've just dipped my toes in the full range water and the water is fine. :)

norman bates 9th February 2011 11:06 AM

try close field (sitting arms length away from them).

or even try ambiophonics with them.


von Ah 9th February 2011 04:01 PM

I have them on either side of my monitor at my work office, with a sub under the desk filling in from ~ 150 Hz down. Working very well so far with no EQ.

von Ah 11th February 2011 07:40 PM

Don't everyone jump up at once. :D
I'll have you know that there are at least five (5) people who would be very excited to see this. :p
I'm just happy to have increased the perceived fidelity in my polite office system.

Ty_Bower 11th February 2011 08:08 PM

Neat. I've got a pair of Minimus 7. Maybe I should try that sometime.

My bigger (?) problem is with a bunch of Optimus Pro X33AV. They look similar to the Minimus 7, but have little 3" woofers with a 0.75" tweeter. Most of them have fried tweeters and the voice coils scrape in the woofers. I'd love to find a decent full range replacement that could drop in easily. Cheap would be good, too. :p

audiosteve 11th February 2011 08:12 PM

I'm not clear on what you are doing. Are you running those new drivers full range or are you still using the original crossover and tweeter ?

Apex Jr 11th February 2011 08:22 PM

In my move last year I found a few pairs of a Sonance tweeter
which is an exact fit to the tweeters in the Minimus 7 system.

Here's a blog with a customer using them;
The Stereo Club: Apex Jr.: Your Source for Affordable Electronics

If anyones interested ... $15.00 pair

Steve @ Apex Jr.

von Ah 11th February 2011 08:35 PM

I'm using the original crossover (which has no filters for the woofer), but with the tweeters disconnected. I sealed off the crossover's tweeter leads with tape. I know it's cheap and dirty, but it was just too easy (and reversible).

Ty_, I just measured the dimensions of the original woofer mounted in the cabinet, and started hunting. After looking through all the full range options (3 and 4-inchers) in Parts Express (including all the discussions in the tech talk forum), I stumbled on this driver at Madisound after I read that PE and Madisound have different offerings from various manufacturers...
I'm willing to bet there is a full range driver that will fit yer little Optimi.

I actually had considered your tweeters, Steve. But I had to see what full range was like.

renfrow 21st February 2011 04:44 AM

Off topic: Technics SL-1100A

Originally Posted by von.ah (

Ah, another Technics SL-1100A owner/lover! I bought mine in 1976 at the US Army Post Exchange in Augsburg Germany :) Never needed anything else.


rongon 27th May 2011 06:41 PM

Just found this. Nice! My beloved pair of Tannoy Dorset are beginning to suffer from terminal voice coil rub/suspension sag. Recone won't be cheap or easy, so I have to find a short term replacement. I have two pair of Minimus 7's, and was wondering if there's a fullrange driver that would fit... and here it is, on this forum as usual.

I did some quick n dirty modeling from TS parameters in a box response program. It looks like the Qts in this little metal box will be quite high, maybe 1.3. That would predict a bump in the response from around 150 to 350 Hz. Does your pair sound like that?

Anyway, I bought a pair, will be getting them Tuesday. I'm looking forward to hearing them.

Question --- In this tiny cabinet, is there a way to relieve some of that bump in the response by tuning with a port? I was thinking of removing the tweeter, making a plate to cover that area, and fitting a port to that plate. Using a freebie ported box calculator, tuning the enclosure to 70 Hz (which is the published Fs of the driver), I'll need a tiny 1/4" round port only about 1/4" deep. My goal is not to get the system to play bass, it's more to smooth out the low end in preparation for adding a subwoofer.

Hey von.h... Are you still using those Tang Band's in the Minimus 7 cabs? Have you made any changes? Did you find the response to have a noticeable bump in the low mids?


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