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tubeman813 22nd June 2010 10:09 PM

Information about Audio Nivarna
Hello to all.

I want ta ask about the Audio Nivarna speakers.

There a lot of different types.

What is the best sounding one??

What one has the best bass??

I hope, someone has experience with this speakers.

Thanks a lot.

BudP 24th June 2010 04:54 AM

The AN8 with ferrite magnet and whizzer has a very good, if spotty depth of field character. It is a bit thin and sharp sounding due to the magnet material. An Alnico version should slow that down enough to get it into the sweet spot for human information up take. They can be EnABL'd with great success.

The 15 inch ferrite magnet monster has a whizzer that appears to be a direct outgrowth of the end of the voice coil, rather than attached to the voice coil, back a bit from the end and without a continuous shape from voice coil to flower as found in the AN 8. This is a startlingly good driver and once EnABL'd is the only 15 inch driver I have ever heard that sounds agile.

The products from AN appear very well made, are leagues ahead of most whizzer drivers and once corrected with EnABL are the equal of an EnaBL'd Fostex 120 A and Lowther PM6 A, though without the natural sweetness that the less linear magnet material brings to both of those drivers.

Inclined Plane, here on this forum has quite a bit of practical experience with the AN 8 drivers. Perhaps you should PM him and ask him to join in.


planet10 24th June 2010 06:18 AM

Bud, you are talking about the cast basket ones, not the stamped basket?

I was unimpressed with the AN10 & AN12 stamped basket drivers.

I have a set of the Sstamped basket 8" for long-term evaluation.

I have noted that the T/S data for the 3 8" drivers, stamped basket, cast basket, and cast basket with alnico motor are VERY different. Strangely the alnico unit has ~1/2 the motor strength of the ceramic magnet cast basket.


tubeman813 25th June 2010 01:44 AM

Thanks for replay,

I have never heared AN speakers.

I have read a lot on the net about them.

So, should I go for the 8" cast frame modell?

Normally, I like a little more base, and thought 10" or even 12" would be better.

freddi 25th June 2010 03:38 AM

one day when measuring the front & rear outputs of a Bose 901, I took ~response on-axis of an Advent vs AN10 stamped frame in a 70 liter reflex - it wasn't a conventional perspective for the two box speakers but gives some tonal balance reference of what's happening. I play with a lotta stuff and didn't work out a baffle step filter for AN10. In a "x15" size Karlson-type coupler I heard several areas of (subjective) improvement over the direct radiator including reduction of modulation distortion plus dynamics were better with less cone excursion.

Large Advent vs stamped frame AN10 in 70 liter reflex tuned around 41Hz - both elevated on a barrel outdoors and spaced a bit from my house wall - AN10 might use a mild notch filter centered around 3K

tinitus 25th June 2010 03:42 AM


Originally Posted by tubeman813 (
Normally, I like a little more base, and thought 10" or even 12" would be better.

higher qts is what gives you more bass ;)

freddi 25th June 2010 04:11 AM

qts on my AN10 above ~0.42 - fs higher than spec as shown in various Z-plots I've taken - David Dicks tunes them high and that's probably where they sound good.

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