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super-panda 28th January 2010 07:04 AM

Alp 5 & SDX 7 slim floorstander
Hi everyone!

First I'd like to thank Mark for his activity in these forums. You're really doing a unique job on the customer service area. Drivers aren't really that bad either..............
I've built a pair of compact, 14 l standmounts with Alp 10's front reflex loaded, and they sound amazing. If something, a bit more air in the top end would not hurt, but really after a while it doesn't bother me. Maybe I'll get to adding a super at some point but right now I'm really happy with how they sound. Even metal sounds good on these. Plenty of kick and bottoms.

Anyway, for quite a while I've been thinking about the afore mentioned combo. My idea is an elegant enclosure (25mm MDF) with the minimum possible width (around 140mm baffle) with the SDX mounted on the side of the cabinet and the Alp 5 naturally on the top/front. Height would be around 800 mm. This would result in a total internal volume of around 20 liters minus braces etc.
So the question remains; if possible at all, whereabouts should I cross the two, keeping in mind the woofer is on the side of the enclosure?
Any input and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Super-Panda

Henkjan 28th January 2010 09:31 AM

having the woofer on the side creates another design challenge.. this more or less asks for crossing as low as possible.

would you want a classic passive filtering for this box, or do you have the means to go active?

TheSeekerr 28th January 2010 09:34 AM

This design has been previously proposed by planet10 as the "Tysen", or FAST (fullrange assisted by subwoofer technology). Do a search on this forum for more data.

super-panda 28th January 2010 09:44 AM

Henkjan, I'm going passive and as simple as possible. Less is more you know.. Although this this concept using a Hypex AS2.100 DSP would be interresting, but budget is an issue.
I'm aware that the crossing point will be quite low. Am I completely off if I just cross over below the woofer baffle step (in this case, baffle = side of cabinet)?
TheSeekerr, Thanks for that. I'll look into it!

Henkjan 28th January 2010 09:10 PM

yep, if you cross at e.g. 200Hz, the woofer will be below the baffle step point, but the Alpair will have to have a bsc. and I expect you'll need some form of impedance correction. and be aware that crossing that low with a low order filter will reduce the available dynamics, for all it's qualities, the Alpair5 is a small driver and not even Mark Fenlon can change basic physics ;)

planet10 28th January 2010 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by TheSeekerr (
proposed by planet10 as the "Tysen", or FAST

The concept that led to Tysen was originally conceived with the the Jordan J6T (built by Mark and the direct precursor to the Alpair 5). Exactly the same concepts as in Tysen apply. The Alpair 5 is sufficiently less sensitive to the FF85 that a passive XO becomes a possibility.

Link to the Tysen thread.

Putting the XO at the baffle step frequency would have required a much higher XO than i wanted if i was to maintain the slim profile, so i came up with something else.


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