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WrineX 7th August 2009 10:35 AM

Any ideas for the VIFA TC9FD-18-08
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Hi people, so normally i han g out in de ESL section, but i made the Cyburg needles like a year ago and after few months i sold them, but its still remains in my head how these little beauty's sounded, only one problem. SPL
these are the needles by the way.

this year i wanted to make a cheap set of fullrange speakers again , but im aiming for just a little more spl, the bass whas great for the little tangbands, so if the new system can get the same or slightly better that would be great.

i looked at a few drivers from vifa, and im mainly interested with the first one
.here are the specs

VIFA TC9FD-18-08 15,00

somebody on this forum metioned that the VIFA TC9FD-18-08 had some really good test results, los distortion etc. well this one even has a nice power handling so i would like to build something with this little speaker this time.

so my question, does anybody already have a design that would fit the bill for this driver, or reused a design with good succes with this driver ? or can we calculate a new design (dont understand anything from mathcat)

i would like to make a fullrange speaker again that looks a bit like the needle, tall but not 2 meter and clean.

hope anybody can help me out or has some information, i cant find anything on this vifa model used in any design

norman bates 7th August 2009 12:44 PM

I've been contemplating that driver, also known as the fr35.

It seems good, a shorting ring and a light paper cone.

Instead, i shall let you do some digging into these websites.

Floric has run an 8 unit array using the fr35 peerless driver (84mm frame) with a little boost.
"since some weeks I have 8 Peerless fr35 per side in closed 18l. Actively crossed so a sub (per side) at 150Hz, this is really great stuff. I use a little passive boost for the hights 15u // 1,2R....... Dynamics, soundstage, tonality is great. But the little beasts quite difficult if you have to find the right position."


WrineX 7th August 2009 01:28 PM

this driver is the same as de fr35 ? , then ill use that as search maybe it will turn up more. i shall look at the websites as well thx!

hope somebody will turn up with a nice idea for enclosure :)

WrineX 7th August 2009 02:50 PM

cant find any TL kind of enclosure, like the needle. although theres a company that sells needle kits with the peerless FR35 but i wonder if they just put it in and say it works or really tested or maybe calculated the thing. :( damn

GM 7th August 2009 04:38 PM

Strictly at a glance WRT TL, MLTL or similar loading (max tuning = ~63.73 Hz), then based on published specs this driver appears to only be suited for a maximally flat impedance one which due to its high Fs means it will only be good down to around Fs. I mean you could do a relatively short MLTL of around 38" i.d. high, but to smooth it out will theoretically require a high stuffing density which tends to 'suck the life' out of 'FR' drivers (over-damp its mids, HF 'sparkle'), especially small ones.


WrineX 7th August 2009 08:40 PM


Originally posted by GM
Strictly at a glance WRT TL, MLTL or similar loading (max tuning = ~63.73 Hz), then based on published specs this driver appears to only be suited for a maximally flat impedance one which due to its high Fs means it will only be good down to around Fs.

i looked up the specs of the original driver of the needles W3-871S, well they can reach down to 50 hertz, but the fs is hagain around the 100 for this speaker, if the fs is the only problem it should work. but maybe there are other reasons why they dont use the TC9 ?

GM 7th August 2009 11:25 PM

OK, I did a sim of the Needles using the TB's published specs and it looks a lot worse to me than the one I did for the Vifa, but if you say it sounds good down low, then the Vifa should too.


WrineX 8th August 2009 09:03 AM

i think, ill try, only problem is this driver is a bit bigger, so i dont know if i just have to make the hole bigger or the whole cabinet a bit wider.

also the correction network of baffle step correction has to be recalculated. hope i can manage that. will look for the a bit expensive vifa fullrage as well the TG version

WrineX 8th August 2009 10:34 AM

ok well , i now found a design with a dayton rs 100 4 this is also a slightly larger driver, and the design is not changed. the dimensions are exactly the same as the original needle. so im gone try the Vifa TC units, if its crap ill order some daytons, those look by the way really stunning for the price.

but still any comment are welcome

Floric 8th August 2009 01:50 PM


...if its crap ill...
It won't be. The little Vifa/Peerless is a really good driver. I use it in an array (still experimental) but I also tried it as a single speaker. In this application I prefere it over the more expensive Vifas, it sound a bit more dynamic in my ears. But note: I always used the little sucker in a FAST arrangement with additional active bass, crossed over at approx 300Hz (2nd order). As a consequence I don't know anything about the lower-range performance. With the hight Qts and the limited Xmax this might be unsatisfiing.

In my opinion the fr35 (I call it like that, it's really the same driver) sound best with a baffle wider than 20-25cm, the lower midrange takes profit of that. So I am not shure if the needle is the right application for it. But it might be worth a try.

There are some measurements on the net where someone showed that the waterfal of the fr35 shows resonnances in the midrange. The measurement was done in a cardboard-box. I think those resonnances came from the box, I do not note them in my setup.

Have fun


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