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Brisso57 27th January 2009 12:54 AM

BIB thought experiment
"A BIB that converts to Open Baffle"

This is just a suggestion that I'm putting up for discussion as to feasibility. The assumption is that there may well be styles of music that better suit an open baffle than a BIB ... and that it would be a good thing if you could "have your cake and eat it too".

Imagine a BIB with (say) a P-10 "full-house" modified Fostex FE206E or Visaton B200 (ie phase plug, EnABLed, basket damping, etc). (The B200 may be better suited for OB, and there may be other drivers that can be suggested by other readers. The principle is unchanged.)

Now imagine you have the front baffle fixed (full height) to the sides with piano hinge. The base, the rear panel and the inner (oblique) are fixed together. In "normal" BIB operation the two parts would sit together (held by ??? - perhaps magnets, clips, <insert clever idea here>), but when OB operation is desired, the front part is lfted away from the rear and the sides rotated (to a desired degree) to form the OB baffle wings. (Obviously the driver would remain at the same height.)

Reverse the process to convert back from OB to BIB. The stuffing would need to be suitably retained on the rear part.

Does the above idea seem practical?



GM 27th January 2009 04:51 AM

The BIB requires airtight joints, so who makes an airtight piano hinge? BTW, industrial Velcro is plenty strong enough to hold a speaker cab together, but I imagine it's as 'leaky' as the piano hinge.


Brisso57 27th January 2009 05:21 AM


Originally posted by GM
The BIB requires airtight joints, so who makes an airtight piano hinge?


OK, so not piano hinge, but I think it should be possible to conceive a less-leaky hinge.

Assuming we stay with the BIB dimensions for B200 or FE206E, what are your thoughts re the baffle dimensions this would create for the OB?



GM 27th January 2009 03:13 PM

They ideally need to be two different widths, so now the side walls need to be bi-fold..........

Anyway, good luck with it!


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