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00600 26th January 2009 01:40 AM

BR, TL, or MLTL?
I didn't get a response from the loudspeaker forum, so I figured I'd repost this here...

I've got a bunch of Tang Band 1052SDs that I'm building enclosures for (5.1 HT and music).

I built some MTM test boxes on recommendation from a fellow diyAudio poster (.44cu ft tuned to 50HZ) and I really like the way they sound, though I'd like to get them to extend a little lower (35-40Hz) though it may be a pipe dream.

I drew up some bipole BR enclosures (.93cu ft tuned to 52 HZ), Win ISD shows it as -3db@46HZ as opposed to -3db@70HZ for my current enclosures.

I'd like the enclosures to be ~7Wx7.75Dx48H, I was researching QWPs and realized that the height of my enclosure relates to 1/4 wave @70Hz. though the cross section is way off.

I was wondering how I could build a TQWP or MLTL using something close to these overall dimensions. Maybe a single fold TL?

I'd like to keep the cross section as small as possible, and the overall height under 48" (ease of material cutting).

Here are the specs for the driver:

DCR 3.8ohms
Sens 87db
Fs 63Hz
Pmax 40W
Bl 3.2TM
Sd 57cm2
Le .64mh
Xmax 5mm
Vas 7.58
Qts .48
Qms 4.21
Qes .54

I'm not too worried about Xmax since I only run them full range for normal music listening (Acoustic, classic rock, classical, blues, etc.) and turn on the sub and 90Hz high pass when I'm going to crank it or watch a movie.

Any suggestions?



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