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Leonidas 20th October 2008 05:32 PM

Lowther DX3 in a BIB
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I'm proud, just finished them.
Inspired by Gnugear for being the FIRST!!
And Martin King for the BSC.
Designeed and tweaked a notch myself.

pic of both bib's in my listening room.

Leonidas 20th October 2008 05:33 PM

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And a couple of pics during the building proces.

Leonidas 20th October 2008 05:35 PM

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About stuffing.

Godzilla 20th October 2008 06:18 PM

Fantastic speakers to add to your collection. I hope you love them!

Leonidas 20th October 2008 07:11 PM

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Thank's Godzilla,

I really enjoy them.
BTW , I took advantage of your site .
So you're an inspiration as well.

Thank's from Leonidas.

hornophile 22nd October 2008 03:50 PM

compared to a horn ?

Your BIB looks greats !

Did you compared your BIB with a back loaded horn or other designs using lowther ?

I currently have a BLH (MAUHORN iv) with lowther EX3. I also have a pair of PM2A (need reconing though) that I don't use and I was wondering if the simple design of a BIB would be an interesting experience or not for this driver.

Thanks !


Scottmoose 22nd October 2008 03:51 PM

The BIB is a back loaded horn.

hornophile 22nd October 2008 04:00 PM

"BIB BLH" and "non BIB BLH"
ok :-) It's true . I remember a thread with this debate : whether or not the BIB is BLH..

So I need to reformulate my question : did you had the occasion to compare your BIB with a "non BIB" BLH ?

Thanks !

Godzilla 22nd October 2008 04:15 PM

The slanted grill is cool. How is the bass?

Leonidas 23rd October 2008 08:51 AM


After all some reaction.

To Godzilla ;
It was "design-week" , over here in the Netherlands , so I try to do my best. Most of the time my constructions are raw ply or MDF.
When I finish speakers this way, at least , I believe in the sound potential.
Did some experiments with coloured board, that I put on the right place to see what the results were, before I deceided on the real colour for the wood.
My wife is happy with the results!!
Bass is good enough for my taste, after a BSC ( my speakers are "free sanding") at the moment : R=12 , L=3,9.
Bass is not "bloathed" perhaps a bit shy, but with a lot of detail.
I will try R=15 and R=22, for a little more bass , in the near future ( don't have them on the shelf).
If I need more bass , there is an active sub in the room, 4e order band-pass, compound 2x15 inch , 25-80 Hz.
Combination doesn't sound right, I think some people would call it "smearing"??
I, also couln't get used to the rising lowther response. So I do use a notch. Tweaked by ear.
In my listening room R=5,7 , L=0,1 and C =3,8 is ,for the moment, the right combination.
I have enough power with a 2x 3 Watt SE EL84 tube amp.

To Hornophile ;
Unfortunatly I wasn't able to listen to other designs over here. So building this BIB was a bit of a gamble.
Only thing to say is that I dont regret my decision!!
I enjoy the sound a lot(and everybody who hears them as well).
I build some fostex horns before (are sold), but from memory i can say that the sound from a BIB is , not completely the same, but as enjoyable as a horn.
Maybe I will, in the far future, do some "Sachiko's". Or......

Last remark : If for any reason , you can lay your hands on some lowthers , BUY them , they are worth every penny !!
I am building speakers for more then 40 years and couln't imagine that a unit was able to such a detial!!
It takes me into the sound stage, as if I was there.

The BIB is a "good" design , but If there is more in the lowthers, I will keep searching.
It took 5 days to build an finish them, they need 2 more coatings.
For this small amount of time the results are superb!!

Bert (Doppenberg) said something about an "Alfredo"-Horn, that would be worth to build ??

Who know's ??

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