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brsanko 17th October 2008 06:38 AM

Some questions about hornresp
Ok a couple qustions. First is about phase. Do I want the phase at the "crossover"(between horn and direct) frequency to be as close to 0 as possible or as close to 180 as possible? or does it depend on whether the mouth is on the front or the back? And if so which way is which? and second do I want to match the spl of the horn with that of the driver because I've been getting some horn graphs that are 15-20db higher than the spl of the driver, and that would be hard to integrate in a RLH design. It would be nice if there was some general directions on how to utilate the results from hornresp for practicall aplication. Like maybe a tutorial or something. Thanks.

brsanko 17th October 2008 06:42 AM

Also I posted some designs I came up with on another thread hoping for some knowledgable feedback and nobody that knows more than me about horns even responded. I really need some feedback because otherwise I'm stuck at my current knowledge level untill I can actually afford to build something and test it.

brsanko 18th October 2008 04:07 PM

Ok this is discouraging
I have posted a few very simple questions that I've been trying to figure out and searching for answers for for months. I know a lot of you use this program and know the answers to these qustions, but no one has thought it worth their time to give me some simple answers. I thought that was what this forum was for. Please guys, help me out here.

GM 18th October 2008 05:52 PM

Wrong forum for HR for the most part, these two are more appropriate:

There's no doubt others if you search the WWW and you can always email David through his website, not to mention there's an on-going HR thread at the first link that pops up when doing a search of the DIYaudio site, so it makes me wonder just how much searching you did before deciding to be a 'squeaky wheel'.

For sure, trying to make me feel guilty for not responding quick enough to suit you when a simple 'ping' to bring your Q back up to the top engenders a < zero desire to help you.

Regardless, there's no BLH design tutorial AFAIK and the forum that me and others posted extensively on the subject was hacked/destroyed awhile back and I have neither the time nor interest in trying to redo it, especially considering all the folks that have popped up to try and capitalize on it, i.e. 'the few ruin it for the many'.

Not sure what you mean about XO phasing, but as me and others have repeatedly posted on this forum is that BLHs for 'FR' drivers are basically big vent reflexes (BVRs), so the vent's gain BW should only be enough to yield a ~flat response when combined with the driver's and room's output, ergo whatever phasing you're referring to will be whatever it takes to do this.

For a horn only BW design you go for all the efficiency you can IMO, so for a BLH, driver recessed 'x' amount in mouth based on the driver's specs and desired gain BW is best.


brsanko 18th October 2008 10:36 PM

I really have a hard time understanding the attitudes of some people on this forum. Answers to simple questions are impossible to find, and people with simple questions are treated with distain. You would think experienced designers who are at all involved in a forum would embrace people who want to learn from their experience. If I posted an inflamitory remark about some beloved driver or design I would have 20 posts the first day but if I have a sincere question on how to read data so as to come up with my own design I am all but ignored. And when I comment on it I get ostricized. I love this hobby and want to be part of the community but it seems to get to be a ******* match and people looking for recognition of there great genius or else an eletist club. I'm not trying to be a whiner I just really want to learn how to use this program and am having trouble finding out how to do it and who to ask. So I picked the forum I thought most relevent and asked my question. Two days later no response so I thought I'd try a little pleading. Now your making me feel like a jerk just for asking and an idiot for not knowing exactly who to ask or where to ask. I have spend hours, I mean like more than 20 hours in the last few months searching for the answers to these few questions. and from your response, it sounds like you don't even understand the question so how can you question hosw hard I'm looking for the answer. I'm not trying to staert a fight or even say anything bad about you just think about the tone of your answer. I'm just asking for help don't talk down to me it's extremely discouraging and this is supposed to be fun.

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