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punk 27th March 2003 12:08 AM

fostex fx120 ... first impressions
[this is a cut/paste from another forum. it might be helpful here also, 'cause there is very little feedback around about this interesting fostex driver]

I received today 2 brand new FX120. I haven't finished the wooden enclosures, so I've built two horrible ugly paper boxes, 7-10 litres. Not even well sealed.
Of course it's absolutely too early to say anything, the still need 3 days of pink noise and a real enclosure, but guys, what a loudspeaker pair !
They really sounded sweet and balanced from the beginning. Voices are detailed and the low-midrange is so clear and warm, but never too invading. I usually like a lot speakers "that remind me that the piano is a PERCUSSION instrument" . Fostex definitely do, even in a kind of big shoebox !

I also tried the RS 40-1197 in the same box. Nice, but absolutely no bass nor midbass. They are quite balanced in the higher-midrange frequencies, but not really impressive for anything. I know, they are a little smaller than the Fostex FX120, they need a TL or a TQWT.
If you just raise the volume a little more, well the RS seem to scream, the fostex play music. Please remember, I'm a newbie in the fullrange speakers world, I never listend to the sigma series above 8cm ... but I really like these fostex!

Last (sad) note : the price. I got 2 RS40-1197 for 6$, 2 fostex for 200$ !

I guess the Fostex FF125 (30$!)that look very similar, could be really a good deal.
The cabinets in the weekend I hope ...


navin 23rd September 2004 06:54 PM

Re: fostex fx120 ... first impressions

Originally posted by punk
[I received today 2 brand new FX120....I guess the Fostex FF125 (30$!)that look very similar, could be really a good deal.
The cabinets in the weekend I hope ...

any further news on the FX120? It looks interesting. I was looking at the FE167 but the friend to whom I was suggesting teh 167 wanted a small box.

His room is 150 sq. ft. with a 9 ft ceiling. a F3 of 50hz would be all he needs in room. besides the speaker will be kept back to rear wall. I was suggeting either a 0.75 cu. ft sealed box or 1 cu. ft tapered pipe but I'd have to run it thru MJK's work before commenting on this.

What is your experience so far?

my friend's object is a pair of very small floor standing speakers to be run with a 10W tube amp to moderate levels. The FX120 with 10W could provide close to 100db/1m.

the FF125 looks like it requires a hron to boost the bass to the mid/hf levels. the 120 on the otherhand might work in a sealed or TL box.

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