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AutoAudio 19th May 2008 11:40 PM

partner for t-amp
I know I'm beating a dead horse because I've read several threads on t-amp partners. I still can't make up my mind though. I recently moved to North Africa and gave away all my audio gear (sad sad day) and I'm finding myself in a need of something because my laptop speakers just don't cut it. My wife wont let me spend much money so... my thought was a sonic impact t-amp and some FR speakers.

My first thought was to try the TB 1337SA, but they are out of stock and wont be in before a budy of mine comes to visit (he'll be brining them to me) Then I thought maybe I should try the 4" bamboon. Only problem is I live in an apt and have no place to build cabs. I have no idea how much its going to cost to get some boxes made. Labor here is cheap, but I hear wood isn't. Point being $50 each driver might be pushing it with SAF, although I'm willing to deal with that if I have too. I then looked at the TB W4 1052sd. It's about half the price, but if there's a significant performance drop then I'll buy.. and deal with the wife later.

I've also checked out some Fostex drivers, but in all honestly I don't know what to go with. I've always liked to hear before I buy in the past, but thats not really an option here. I'm thinking small sealed enclosures. I listen to just about everything and I guess at the moment the 1052's are in the lead. Thanks for any input and feel free to suggest whatever as long as its $50 or less a driver.


Godzilla 20th May 2008 02:37 AM

All the TBs are good choices for small sealed or small ported boxes IMO. I have built a few small boxes with TB both three and four inch dirvers and they all sound very similar. You can always add a small sub later as an upgrade if you want.

Fostex are great but only in larger boxes IMO. If you can live with larger cabs then go for the Fostex because they are more efficient and provide a more lifelike (but more forward) presentation overall. Again, add a sub as an upgrade in the future.

Pick your poison but you are on the right track.


holdent 21st May 2008 01:30 AM

How about using the Pioneer B20FU20-51FW or "B20" (available at at $24.50 each? The driver seems to be widely available so you might be able to find a distributer 'relatively' nearby. Its sensitive and there are a variety of proven designs for it including a TL by Nelson Pass, the G Chang, Half Chang, and Curvy Chang family (at, GM's MLTL design, or the Metronome. It will also work well in a simple sealed cab (1.0 ft3 or larger).

The only drawback that many have noted about the B20 is a need for a helper tweeter such as the Dayton ND20FB neo dome. The much more expensive Fostex FE207E is a drop in replacement for the B20 in many designs if you feel the need to upgrade in the future.

AutoAudio 21st May 2008 08:59 AM

I think those are a little too big. These will mostly be pc speakers. I did find a design that uses that tweeter with the TB 1052SD and was thinking about using it. It raises the total costs by $50 though and I'm not sure thats worth it. Any thoughts on this design?

Thanks for the input so far.

gychang 21st May 2008 11:28 AM


Originally posted by holdent

The only drawback that many have noted about the B20 is a need for a helper tweeter such as the Dayton ND20FB neo dome. The much more expensive Fostex FE207E is a drop in replacement for the B20 in many designs if you feel the need to upgrade in the future.

I have found B20 with the tweeter combo in G Chang cabinet has excellent sound but t-amp is not powerful enough in a moderate sized room. Noticable clip in quick attack guitar sound in moderate volume.


Kensai 21st May 2008 03:20 PM

The new Dayton RS100S-8 on small OBs (mine right now are 20"W x 12"H bits of cutoff cardboard, perforated on the front so I could fold back ~7" wings on each side so they would sit on the table top without any additional effort on my part) sound fantastic driven by the Gen2 T-Amp. Crystal clear, top to bottom, really great balance once mounted on baffles and burnt in for 2-3 hours. With a touch of EQ on the PC side (most of which is a cut below 50Hz to keep the bass boost starting higher from causing distortion), I'm getting similar bass response, on crappier baffles as I was getting from my P10 EnABLed B20s, from a driver that is smaller than the B20's whizzer for about the same price. And let me just say that they are TINY. Nicely boxed, they come in at less than 6"^3. Oh, and they're really great looking, to boot.


AutoAudio 21st May 2008 03:37 PM

I was wondering about that one too. It isn't very effecient so I wasn't sure it would work with the 2nd gen t-amp, but after a positive review I might have to change my mind.

Kensai 21st May 2008 03:56 PM

The level from my E-Mu 0404 card isn't terribly high, either, so I do have to turn it up to maybe 80% in some instances (like DVDs of old TV anime; they're recorded pretty quietly), but in the nearfield with most music, 40-50% volume is fine and 100% is right there at the line of "earsplitting". Away from the desk, I find my default music listening level to be good "ambient" level music for my finished basement/office (about 24'x12' w/7.5' ceiling), and I can set the whole room rocking at well less than 90% (like when I'm using the space to workout or when playing Wii games which I usually do standing up several feet further away from the monitor than I usually sit when working).

I love the sound of this combo. I prefer it to pairing them with my new Panny XR-57 receiver (digital amps), even though it gives me 4-5x the power and dual amping capability. On OB, in this environment, I prefer this pairing to my P10 treated B20s (which, admittedly got way out of whack on OB, post treatment; they're much happier in the sealed cabs in the living room upstairs, having now really come into their own). In fact, I'm going to say that the RS100S-8s are really OB drivers. They sim okay in a sealed box (pretty small one at that), but they present the most lush OB image of anything I've played with, period. If you're wanting to go with actual box enclosures and still want some reasonably low bass, you might go with the 4ohm version in an EBS alignment of some sort.


AutoAudio 21st May 2008 04:02 PM

so if I went OB you would suggest the 8ohm version and if i go small sealed you would recomend the 4ohm or would they work OB too. I honestly have never tried OB so I know nothing about it, but since I have to pay somebody to build my boxes OB might be an easier way to go. I want that amp too (the panasonic) but my wife wont let me get one.

Bluto 21st May 2008 04:20 PM

Auto -

2 not mentioned - cheaper as well.

Pioneer A11EC80. Guys have been having good luck with BIBs using these, me thinks a small Horn would work as well.

TB W4-657SH. This driver near to never gets mentioned and I've used it in a number of configurations from little bass reflex to TL to Horn and have been amazed with all configurations. Some say weak in highs, I disagree.

Kensai - Thanks for continued report on little Dayton , good info.


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