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Baumi 16th April 2008 10:27 AM

2ch in 1speaker
Good Morning (at least here in Germany),
I´m thinking about different Possibility´s to bring Sound in a Small Room(~10m²)in German called "Wintergarten"(something of a worst case for good acoustics):3walls of Windows/Glass another wall of Stone a ceiling(?) of wood (non parallel)and the floor is made of flagstone(?)
One idea was to include all 2ch in one enclosure and chose a position in the middle of the room to spread reflection as equal as possible at least if your not sitting/standing directly in front of a wall and create some kind of a convenient Sound.I´m not especially interested in correct stereophonic s...
Any Experiences,Helps Ideas ???
Oh´I forgot:of course I like to use Full Range Speakers in the size-range 4-8inch(10-20cm)

The best thing to suffer live is to find it great:cool:

Godzilla 16th April 2008 03:36 PM

It looks very cool and might give you some ideas.


Baumi 16th April 2008 04:17 PM

Thanks for Input,
indeed there are some Ideas, (but looking at those posts on that Site I have to say that I like the seriosity of diyaudioposts...)
So my Problem is, that I know something about the Theory behind Line sources,Dipols,Horns and so on and its not my first Projekt....and Ideas are not the main Problem
But since One cannot try everything (and I dont know where my millions are) I have to ask about Experiences from others who had the same "Exercise"

Thanks Stefan

pikkujöpö 16th April 2008 06:14 PM

Re: 2ch in 1speaker

Originally posted by Baumi
I´m not especially interested in correct stereophonic s...

A stupid question, why don't you just use one mono channel?

Baumi 16th April 2008 09:57 PM

because first I hope to gain some spaciousness and second
mono would need some kind of additional electronics to summarize the stereo channels coming from the amp.
Otherwise my only experience about listening to Monaural Music comes from old Radios of the vacuumtubeyears.And there you can see many efforts to create something like 3Dsound.Often these Radios have Speakers not only on the front but on three sites...;)


Lord_Humongous 17th April 2008 06:23 AM

Look at this for inspiration!:smash:

pikkujöpö 17th April 2008 12:21 PM

Some time ago Colin (this forum) mentioned about an old Jordan stereo system.If I remember correctly the drivers vere pointed to side walls and there was "reflector plates" in front of the drivers.Can not remember if there was only one speaker box used or two,but maube this is something you are interested?

Baumi 17th April 2008 01:09 PM

Look at this...
Thanks,Lord H.
this drives me Ideas there.I think I will take some time to fully understand it.I like the approach that,if one has to live with problems-make use of them(excuse for my English mistakes-hope to be understandable)
Hallo pikkujöpö,(are you from Finland or have you just chosen your Member name to make it difficult:D )
Sounds like something I have in mind.I will search for the Jordan.If it´s from Jordan it will be easy to find.
The main Issues one can divide down in two points(I hope)
---Interaction between Drivers of the stereo ch. since the most part of signals in the recordings are the same in both channels -interferences-
this would give an advantage for full range speakers since they tend to be more directional than conventional designs with tweeters...
---second thing is the dispersion of sound waves in the listening room.(see also first post)
Also I would like to use the design to try out some theory about sound
balance.Somewhere I read,and lord knows where it was,numbers like: 20hz-20000hz and 40hz to16000hz and so on would give good subjective balance.
Personally I suspect this to be one(not the only)explanation why fullrange drivers with poor bandwidth still can sound good.


gurley123 17th April 2008 02:26 PM

Here's a cool idea. From over on the Decware site. I think it looks pretty cool. It has pics of the reflectors that pikkujöpö was talking about.

Stereo Imperial

pikkujöpö 17th April 2008 08:50 PM

Re: Look at this...

Originally posted by Baumi

Hallo pikkujöpö,(are you from Finland or have you just chosen your Member name to make it difficult:D )

Yep from Finland living in Portugal,a good guess:)

Here is a link to the post I remembered:

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