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dpuopolo 3rd December 2007 09:21 PM

Cheap 6 1/2 inch fullrange drivers
Radio Shack has a pair of KLH 2 way speakers on closeout for
$24.99. I bought a pair on recommendation from a friend. They sound quite boxy...BUT it turns out their 6 1/2 inch driver is QUITE good! I took one out of its cabinet and hooked it up to an amp. It has pretty darn good bass and useful output to over 10 kHz! They cross over to the tweeter with a 2.2 uf, so that makes sense (9kHz Xover).

The catalog number is: 4000147. BUY THESE-what do you have to lose? If they suck, put the driver(s) back in and take them back!

I would love to see their T/S parameters. Anyone? The cabinets they come in are ported, so I'd imagine their Qts is pretty low.

By the way, the cabinets are terrible (the cause of the boxiness) and the tweeter isn't very good either. BUT...25 bucks for a pair of decent full range drivers isn't too shabby!

Online says it's only one speaker, but there are two in the box.

dpuopolo 3rd December 2007 11:59 PM

Here's my initial impressions
I installed these in my ported cabinets that had some 1960's
6 1/2 inch alnico FR drivers crossed over to a tweeter at 8500 Hz. An 8 ohm resistor is in series with the tweeter. Crossover is a single 1.5 uF film cap in series with the tweeter and resistor.

These have much better bass then the drivers they replaced. They also play louder for a given volume setting. Imaging seems a bit better too. Right now, they sound a bit too "forward". The mids seem a bit rougher then the speakers they replaced-but I believe things will get better as the drivers break in. The old drivers were also rough for the first 200 hours or so. The extreme highs seem a bit muted, but I believe this is because these drivers are more efficient then their replacements. I think I'll have to get rid of the 8 ohm resistor in series with the tweeter and then increase the value of the series cap to 2.2 uF to compensate. Makes sense, especially since the original KLH speakers used 2.2 uf nonpolar electrolytics for their crossover.

I believe there are a bona fide bargain at the price.

dpuopolo 4th December 2007 03:52 PM

I pulled out the 8 ohm resistor in series with the tweeter and replaced the 1.5 uf film X over cap with a 2.2 uf polypropolene capacitor bypassed with a .1 teflon. That fixed the high end nicely. The drivers are already beginning to sound less harsh.

I'm not sure whether no one else posting means that no one is interested...but I myself enjoy finding bargains. Between being on unemployment and having two small children to feed, I have very little spare money to buy megabucks drivers and other parts. This makes a deal like this especially *sweet*-where I can make a big improvement in my sound system for short money.

gurley123 4th December 2007 04:35 PM

No one interested
I imagine that some folks are out trying this out for themselves and waiting till they get some projecets done before they comment.

This does look interesting to me. Do you have anyway to take measurements of the drivers? For $12.50ea(USD) I guess we could play without numbers.

pjanda1 4th December 2007 07:12 PM

Any pics by chance?


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