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StoneT 23rd October 2007 04:51 PM

Suggestions for a small room?
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Hello People,

I am currently Building myself a new amp and need to build some speakers to go with it. The amp is a push pull 807 amp producing up to 10W (hopefuly) in class A and will have adjustable Zout so I can match it to the speakers.
The problem is the room this is going in. It's about 12 foot square, 10 foot tall with two door sized openings on one side and only one corner available.

One philosophy behind the amp has been minimal componants in the signal path (one resistor, one cap, three valves + OPT) So I hope to continue this by not using a crossover and going for a full range design.

I have developed designs for a larger room in my previous house, based on Fostex FE207 corner horns. I'm not adverse to the unconventional or a bit of woodwork. In these designs I have tried to use the aspects of baffle step response, driver SPL and loading to flatten overall frequency response and would like to continue this if possible.

I listen to virtually all types of music so extension at both ends is important to me.

I currently believe (but would love to be told otherwise) that good extension, single driver and small room are incompatable objectives.

So, TQWP? Smaller horn? Reflex? Room positioning? Suggestions?

FrankWW 23rd October 2007 05:56 PM

Some ideas here:

blumenco 25th October 2007 02:51 AM

small horns.
impossible? think of all the fostex builds in tiny living rooms in japan. there has got to be something going on there...

try using the FE108EZ in a BIB. or a 103e in a BIB. they make very good low bass, and use a small room well, surprisingly. think 40 hz yeehaaaww. pretty clean midrange because of the length of the horn.

I feel that getting extention out of small full rangers is not tough. They will do it alright. no, they do not do the huge freaking bass of the larger drivers (It is easy to disprove this generalization with proper cabinet choice, though it tends to take a large cabinet to do large bass). A BIB gets the big thing down, and keeps horizontal dimensions very manageable by building up rather than out.

the other option for low bass from a full ranger is the flamingo/swan/ostrich family of nagaoka designs. these tend to need to be placed out in the room, however, for proper performance.

something to think about in any small room is acoustic treatment. I feel that room treatment/ proper positioning as a priority far outweighs speaker size choice.

the main improvement that comes from the large full range drivers is efficiency and dynamics. the midrange gets a little more open, but is not necessarily of a nicer inherent tone quality.



adason 25th October 2007 03:05 AM

hello StoneT,

I think you should consider two small satelites (no matter what construction...small fullrage in small closed box, two way bookshelf, open baffle..just must be relatively small), which can be placed accordingly to create perfect soundstage, than that is accompanied by nice subwoofer strategicaly placed in some corner or under some furniture.
I have done it, it works best for small room.

Good luck,

Nanook 25th October 2007 03:08 AM

hate to keep flogging the same ideas...

Metronomes based on Fe107, Hemp Acoustics Aperto, planet10 Fonkens, Needles, and on and on.

Metronomes sure are cute little buggers, and are reportedly good for many drivers/sizes.

Hemps need stands, as do the Fonkens. Needles are quite simple but again don't need stands.

Not sure if I agree completely with room treatments , although in your case it may be a solution.

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