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metebalci 21st October 2007 01:12 PM

fullrange speaker for zen

because of their simplicity i have decided to build a zen (or son of zen) and a fullrange sealed (maybe vented) speaker. since i have no previous experience for building speakers i dont want to start with horns etc. so can someone recommend me simple, satisfactory (i am not expecting wonderful) designs ? i can more easily access to lyeco series or i can order fostexes. and the cost should be below $200. so between 4"-6" any lyeco or fostex seems to be ok. i am listening classical (baroque) and vocal jazz.

thank you...


Glowbug 22nd October 2007 12:06 AM

I know it seems like a bandwagon answer, but I don't see why a BIB or Spawn design wouldn't work for ya :)

Pretty much the definitions of simple and satisfactory IMO...

Cloth Ears 22nd October 2007 02:28 AM


When you specify 'full-range', do you mean with a single driver? Or do you mean with multiple drivers and a crossover?

Assuming you mean single driver, you will probably find that there are no real satisfactory sealed options for a full-range speaker. Of the reflex (ported) type, only variations on the Solo appear to give good results - albeit with very limited bass response.

If you are willing to go up a notch (to 2 drivers per side) then Martin Kings' paper on an open baffle speaker might be a simple option for you. The slight extra cost of the components would be offset by less cost for the enclosure.

Both of these are simpler than horns, which you said you want to avoid for your first(?) DIY speaker.

Two words of warning:
1) your first pair of speakers may not sound as good as you hope.
2) no-one ever builds just one pair of speakers - the hobby is addictive.

planet10 22nd October 2007 03:46 AM


Originally posted by Cloth Ears
1) your first pair of speakers may not sound as good as you hope.
2) no-one ever builds just one pair of speakers - the hobby is addictive.
1/ or you may be totally blown away... there is a magic to FR.

2/ so true

I've had the Lyeco 4". Not impressed at all.

The problem with choosing a 1st project is that there are just so many to choose from -- and growing -- i just posted 3 more spawn designs (all for the FE127e)


metebalci 22nd October 2007 09:48 AM

Thank you very much everyone for responses.

I will check "BIB and Spawn design", I think I havent seen them before or I dont know the names.

Cloth Ears;
What I meant was exactly single driver. OK, then at least I should go for ported designs.

It is not the cost why I am considering single driver. Till now, I have always heard speakers with multiple drivers, so as you know, some says single drivers are better in some aspects (?!), and I thought it is better to start DIY speakers in that way because just a single driver, no crossover circuit etc. To sum up, I am also checking speakers with multiple drivers and I will check the article you sent. So maybe I can change my mind.

And, I am aware that it may sound not that nice as I expect :)

Then I understand you favor fostex instead of lyeco (since they are similar in price, I think I can compare that way).


squib 22nd October 2007 10:48 AM

Sealed single driver design
Depending on your definition of "full range", you might want to take a look at Zaph's HiVi design ( It's a small sealed system that seems to have a number of fans on this forum. I'm not certain whether you can source the HiVi B3's in Turkey, but if your looking for a straight forward 1st project, it's worth some consideration.

I'd definitely recommend taking a look at Zaph's site, as there's a tremendous amount of information available on it, no matter which direction you end up taking for your project. Good luck!


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