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nirvana 9th October 2007 03:02 AM

Audio Nirvana super 8
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Audio Nirvana super 8 in Fostex double bass configuration cabinet.

very good mid and high freq. good bass.

gmilitano 9th October 2007 03:07 AM

Nice. Did you have a FE207E in there and just dropped in the AN?

If so, can you comment / compare the two.


nirvana 9th October 2007 02:31 PM

Audio nirvana
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no, i never had fostex speaker... it's only an experience for me.

my first fullrange projet, and i'm very happy. my amp is a Trends

T-AMP, the sound is powerful and full of details.

ippo112 10th November 2007 11:15 AM

I would like to buy a AN super 8'' speakers, but I don't know which eclosure is the best.
Can you help me?
I prefear a simple cabinet like bass reflex or double bass configuration.


freddi 10th November 2007 12:20 PM

if qts is as low as stated and it sounds "bright" without filter in reflex then it may work in RCA-Fan's 186 liter volume (airpsace) horn. Plans are at RCA-Fan's gallery at Audio Asylum High Efficiency speaker forum. This blh was designed for 208 Sigma

do DBR sound more articulate than single vent with cello and bowed bass viola? - if so it might be good for my AN10. The only DBR I tried was some years ago with an 8" SEAS woofer and regular alignment with 2:1 chamber ratio and all three vents the same.

RCA-Fan blh

neazoi 29th November 2007 09:03 PM

Super 8
Hi I just aquired a new set of super 8.
Kill mids, very good hi.
The bass is a bit shy but sweet..
Note, I cannot speak about the bass right now because I am just mounting them in a very limited space cabinet. I do not expect a loud bass from this cabinet.

I am thinking of making a Folded horn (envelope), or a Horn cabinet.
I have been told that these speakers like horns. Theoretically I would agree by noticing the bass section in my super8.
Has anyone experience with these two types of cabinets, any suggestions?
Horns are 75% efficient and bass reflex only 5%...

If choosing the horns I would like to go for the fostex fe206 design as it has no diagonal wood pieces inside and it is therefore easier to construct.
If choosing the folded envelope I would go for a simple design with only one mid diagonal wood piece.
Any thoughts?

Scottmoose 29th November 2007 09:15 PM

Horn efficiency really depends on the design -75% would be, er, going some. Even Leach, who's math is based around max-efficiency, doesn't universally aim that high.

Yes, they'll like horns; the balance of the FR is tilted very much in favour of that sort of box. I'd be careful about sticking them in the 206 box though. For a start, it's not a great design (the 208ESigma cabinet is much better IMO) and also note that the AN's Vas is much higher than either Fostex unit, so they'll roll off a bit more in the LF in these boxes than the drivers they are designed for.

neazoi 29th November 2007 09:24 PM

how about transmission line enclosures?
They are much simples. do they perform better than bass reflex for the super8??

Scottmoose 30th November 2007 08:21 AM

Depends what you mean by a TL. Different people use the term to mean different things (often exact opposits). A pure TL or a typical tapered, heavily damped line would be dreadful in LF terms with this unit. A resonant line is OK would do OK if properly designed. A horn or variation on the theme would be better though. Jeff ('Zilla) has already suggested a BIB pipe-horn on the thread you started, which when it comes to big bass from a simple cabinet is unbeatable, so if you want an easy build & decent LF power, that would be my first port of call. Much better than any reflex box.

neazoi 30th November 2007 09:53 AM

Thank you very much!
I have seen BIBs with much interest. Everyone suggest it for good ammount of bass, yet they are very simple to construct provided that you have a tall enough room.
In this link
There are instructions of how to build it.
and here
There are pre-calculated values for the audio nirvana super 8
They have to be about 2.2 meters tall for the super 8 !!! But I guess It is worth it :)

I have also seen a resonant line made of big diameter pvc, I do not know it's performance but I am thinking of going to the more steady way :)

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