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wixy 21st August 2007 08:26 AM

Speaker cable for FE206E
I am about to finish constructing the FE208Esigma cabinet for the FE206E driver.

I was planning on using some diy cat5e cable that I made up, with each cable consisting of two twisted pairs of cat5e (with the sheath still on) i.e. 4 x cat5e cables per speaker cable.

I'm just wondering if this would work ok with the FE206E?

Scottmoose 21st August 2007 08:46 AM

Well if it takes a signal from the amplifier to the driver, then yes, it will work. ;)

Whether a wire works well with a speaker is actually dependant on the speaker / amplifier combination. Wire as wire per se doesn't have a sound (how could it?) but it's electrical parameters will affect the behaviour of the components it connects to each other. It should do fine, though to be certain, we'd need to know what your amp is.

wixy 21st August 2007 09:06 AM

Thanks Scottmoose. The amplifier is a Kingrex T20 (tripath amp), and occasionally an el34 single ended amp.

Scottmoose 21st August 2007 10:34 AM

The Cat5 should work decently with that.

Bob Brines 21st August 2007 01:05 PM

If you are going to use 2 pairs of CAT5, the best way to do it is to separate the individual wires and rewind them in a star pattern:

_ _

Connect the +'s and the _'s at the ends. This give the best noise rejection.

I'm not convinced that this is better than a single pair of CAT5 for a couple of meters run and less than 10 watts.


chrisb 21st August 2007 06:35 PM


Originally posted by wixy
Thanks Scottmoose. The amplifier is a Kingrex T20 (tripath amp), and occasionally an el34 single ended amp.
If Bob is referring to a single strand of the #24 conductor per pole, there are many who would agree that, particularly with a driver and cabinet of this stature, that less could indeed be more.

Just to fuel the never-ending "amp-wars" conversation, some of us might be more interested in your impressions of the 2 mentioned above :devilr:

Why do we like the things we do?

Interesting if not required reading:

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