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JandG 5th June 2007 02:17 AM

Please recommend a 4 or 5" FR for Open baffle w/ active bass augmentaion
On a whim, I quickgrip clamped a pair of 9x14" baffles w/ some old Calrad Fullrangers in then to the sides of my main baffles @ ear level. Active Bass drivers still in play..set @ 4th 150hz,& 150hz 1st line level hi-pass amp feeding the little Calrad's. Thinking it would sound like sh......I was amazed. They actually did more than well, so I am going to take this road for a while..I am looking @ the 5" FR Hemp from A Brown Soun....I run 22w PP tube amp for the fullrangers,, so high eff is not real important, plus I listen @ less than 10' away. Any suggestion on 4 or 5" that need no filters & image like crazy.. I have had Coral 103A, which I still wish I had. I never tried them in OB.bummer, bummer...They imaged like no tommorrow

AnthonyPT 5th June 2007 03:22 AM


I wonder what the Zigmahornets/Merill DCA4
drivers would be like in OB?
Maybe talk to the designer and the price
is not high. OK they were designed for a
tuned pipe but still. Let me know how you get on.


Anthony PT .

Geoff H 9th June 2007 04:25 AM

Hi Jo,

What about these?

There's also this one, top end might be a bit peaky for you.

Are you planning to run these along side the B200s, or replace the Calrads in the bedroom?


JandG 9th June 2007 01:29 PM

Hi Geoff,
The B200's have been sold. The decideing factor was that the Calrads's consistantly beat the B200's in the midrange tone as I like to hear it. Subjective personal taste. So I am off to roll some smaller drivers because of my almost near field listening position. I will roll thru them till I find a fairly behaved nice tone pair, that @ most only need line level correction & or small amount of mechanical.Those dang 12" Calrads are special to me for sure..obviousely not even close to a great top end, but what they do in mid land is rare..

Geoff H 10th June 2007 08:12 AM

Hi Joe, I think if you want the main drivers to go down to 150, it's better to go for 6" or 8" drivers. Avoid ribbed cones, curvilinear seem to get up higher with less peaks and dips.

You could flea market, and tweak to taste. It does take time though.

peterbrorsson 10th June 2007 07:17 PM

Hi Geoff!
Could you explain why to avoid ribbed cones?


JandG 10th June 2007 08:40 PM

Here are the oustanding sound little FT-5 Calrad's, I wish I had another pair, I bought them NOS. I had no idea they would sound so good in OB, they are very eff. much more than the Coral 103A's I have had which are are favorite of mine.The Calrads match the 103A & are definately more eff..My plates are set @ 150hz & I don't seem to hear a obviouse hole..? 150-250hz..?No correction & not looking for that. No piercing. & wonderfull tone, that I have not heard since I ran the Coral 103A's. Very similar mids to my other 12" Calrad's. Makes me wonder about the Alnico thing again..I have tried most all of the very best green cones & such, missbehaved as the are...the mids on them are of the best IMO.. just peaky peacing torcher other than that. It will be fun trying to beat the FT-5's. I have $ ready for a Jordan purchase & thinking of the Hemptone 4.5..also. I must think further on this, these Calrad FT-5's are good..Now I don't want to pull em.!!!!!!!!!I will though just to see if I can beat em,, as usual..I won't sell em though. If anyone know where I can get some of these I would appeciate knowing where, so I can mod them, I won't touch the single pair I have. I paid $18.00 for them I think.

Scottmoose 10th June 2007 08:44 PM

CSS WR125. Has plenty of excursion (relatively). If you're willing to go a touch larger, the FE167E works spectacularly with just an Eminance Beta 15 on the bottom end if you design the baffle right. 40Hz, easy. I was listening to my friend Nick's earlier today from about 8ft out. On the end of his 300b amp, they literally vanished. All that remained was a huge semi-circle of sound with pin-point imaging.

JandG 10th June 2007 09:06 PM

Very cool, I acyually had fe167e's in a ported monitor w/ Dave's plugs, very nice indeed, then went OB & sold them, didn't think to try the 167 in OB,,damn...actually the 167e was what got me going on fullrange..once I heard that it's all she wrote..Then after my 1st OB, I could'nt not give up the openess & rightness of them. No way. &.my little 10" vifa's would surprise you in the bass department,, eq'ed somewhat & perceptive fast & clean as a mofo. Disappearing OB's are what I have here & spot on imaging all day long. I don't know about a 85db driver though..?CSS is 85db, I run 22w of 300B for the fullranger. Might be enough..I could do the math..but I would really need to tryit. Have you ran the CSS against the Jordan,,.? I know of one knowlegeable OB freak that prefers the TangBang 4" bamboo driver to both Jordan JX92S & FX120 Fostex & owns both. Remember I listen @ just a little over 9'.If that matters much on the CSS wr125. The 125 is cheap enought o try for sure. But if I get the Jordans that is a majore chunk of what I have to spend.

Geoff H 11th June 2007 03:32 AM

"Could you explain why to avoid ribbed cones?"

Well Peter, I asked for that. I should have clarified the statement.

A deep straight sided cone excels down low, a ribbed cone will extend the frequency response due to the decoupling effect of the ribs.

A curvilinear cone is best for mids and top end. It provides decoupling due to the flare, but it is gradual, rather than defined steps as in a ribbed cone.

It's apparent when you start tweaking. I've got some 6" that go to 16K or so, no whizzer to cause a dip / phase issues common to dual cone drivers. I am trying to do the same on some 10" ribbed cones. It doesn't look like I going to get there, but haven't given up.

Scott, you will tease your ears to OB's. DVD soundtracks will do some strange things, eg apparent sound source at right angles to the centre line.

Joe, the CSS's should do about 92db at your seat. IMO, not much headroom. Looking at it another way, you'll need about ten times the power used with B200's. Ouch.


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