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David Whistance 1st May 2007 10:26 PM

Fostex Fe127e - Pawo or Mileva?
Hello, I have a question for Planet10 or Chrisb. I saw in one of the Threads below, "Omega Super 3 Clone", a mention of a new design, Mileva. I am looking for a cabinet design to use with some Fostex Fe127e's. I had thought about building "Pawo" but naturally wondered about the new design. Is it suitable for this driver? How does it compare to Pawo?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

David Whistance

chrisb 2nd May 2007 05:24 PM

we've gotta put those two in the same room soon

In advance of that audition though, I can advise that the Mileva is a much simpler build, and was instigated specifically as another option for the FE127.

If you don't already have your drivers, I'd contact Dave via his commercial site, regarding pricing of his modified units. After many opportunities to play with both in a variety of enclosure designs, I wouldn't use the stock version of either the 126 or 127. I think Scottmoose (Lindgren) and possibly others can offer their opinions on this subject.

Also note that the folded, ML Voigt Pipe is an easily scalable design, that still presents a high WAF enclosure - my wife loves hers more than either pair of BLH and bipole pipes that she's been asked to endure in "her" video system. I've got sketches from Dave for FE167 and FEF207/FT17 versions (Demitri), that need to migrate to the top of our project list.

As ever, thanks to Dave for the excellent conceptual drawings, and Scott for crunching the numbers in verification and tweaking of design details.

planet10 2nd May 2007 07:19 PM

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To expand on what Chris said.

PAWO was designed for the FR125s for which it did not work well. Having gotten ahead of ourselves we found we had a gourgeous pair of Bamboo PAWOs that did not work well with the intended driver. Hence a quest ending with the FE127e to fill the hole & save the boxes.

With a supraBaffle, the PAWOs work really well with the FE127. (Without, they get a bit boxy (being bested in midrange transparency by the Fonkens)). Bass in the PAWOs does go a bit lower. Jesse is incrediably happy with his FE127 PAWOs.

Mileva was intended as a simplier box designed from the get go to work with the FE127. It also works well. It is also easy to bipole.

I am just finishing up a number of sets of FE127 for internal use, and we will be able to do a 3-way Mileva/PAWO/Fonken comparison.

Also in consideration should be the latest variations on the Fonken... i've just added 2 more variations to the box plans page (and a dedicated Fonken/miniOnken page).

We are almost ready to fire up and audition the Classic Golden Ratio (GR) Fonken, and the Mk 2 version of the floorstander variation.


Godzilla 2nd May 2007 07:43 PM

That design looks wonderfully simple. I picture egg crate foam on the inside back panel and a lovely sound emanating from it.

David Whistance 3rd May 2007 12:32 PM

Many thanks to all of you for your replies. It looks as though I'll have to wait a few weeks for the results of your tests! I very much look forward tio the results.

David Whistance

Scottmoose 3rd May 2007 07:42 PM

FWIW, as Chris noted, if you haven't already got the 127s, I'd advise that you go for Dave's modified versions. I got the first of his tweaked 126s in the UK (mine are the blue ones on his site) and the difference is not subtle -they're as good as the 108ESigma in the midrange, and beat it in the bass. Not just my view either -eveyone who's heard them says the same thing.

JesseG 12th June 2007 10:22 PM


It looks as though I'll have to wait a few weeks for the results of your tests! I very much look forward tio the results.

I am the lucky guy that wound up with the bamboo ply PAWO's that Planet10 is referring to. I have been listening to them for almost a year now and I can categorically that they are the most amazing full-range speakers I have ever heard. :D

I mostly listen to simple music (jazz, fem vocal, bluegrass, some folk and chamber music) and for this the PAWOs are beyond great. They start to congest a little with heavy rock and I have never tried Rap or HipHop. :xeye:

Within my musical context, they are brilliant: detailed, coherent, accurate and very, very natural. With a good recording, the speakers dissappear. I have often had visitors exclaim that 'it's like the musician is in the room' - all of the complementary explitives that you read in the hi-fi mags.

I drive my PAWOs with a 300B SET and only mediocre sources - my next step is a real CDP and a much better 'table & cartridge.

Need I say, I'm not complaining? ;)

My two-bits-worth is: if you build them carefully, and purchase a set of the modified FR-127e' s from Planet10, they will be a delight to hear and a pleasure to own.


Grz 13th June 2007 06:38 AM

Horn FE127

have a lok here:


David Whistance 13th June 2007 10:00 AM

Hi Peter

Do you have any plans for your double horn? It looks interesting but probably won't have sufficient WAF to be allowed in my living room!


gus900 13th June 2007 11:46 AM

Just to confuse you further, I'm incredibly happy with my FE127 Metronomes (plus Charlize + Monica2), so's the misses and everyone who hear's them. Are they a simpler build than Mileva? I dunno but they have a smaller footprint. The only thing I would have done differently is to get the modded drivers from Dave.

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