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warpworks 14th April 2007 10:50 PM

small bookshelf speakers, newby questions
Hello all, been sneaking around these forums for a little while... finally decided to take the plunge and try something out.

I am trying to make a pair of tiny bookshelf speakers for my cramped desk... wondering how small i can actually make a cabinet with a 3 or 4 inch full ranger ( maybe a TB or those nice CSS drivers everyone keeps talking about) before it really starts impacting the bass

ideally i would be able to make something in a 5"x5"x10" or smaller box (exterior dimensions, using 0.5 inch plywood or MDF) with maybe a front firing port.... reason being is that my hutch has 2 spaces in it with about these dimensions

is this really possible or feasible? just browsing through all the old posts, it doesn't seem like anyone has designed anything with a volume of 4L or less (about what 5*5*10 works out to). my dad has one of those JVC "mini exectuive" stereo systems with metal drivers and although it is far from good compared to my klipsch home theater and definitive towers, it can put out a surprising amount of bass... i'm assuming that these are turds compared to anything that a determined audiophile could design on these boards

oh yeah, I can't fit a sub either, which is why i ask about the bass... can't fit one under my desk considering all the filing boxes and cables under there

finally,what programs/formulas do people use to model freq response and get those spiffy graphs anyways?

thanks for reading! you guys run a great forum here

audiosteve 14th April 2007 10:51 PM

Check these out:

loninappleton 14th April 2007 11:51 PM

This hutch thing begs some questions: are the speaks supposed
to be up against some sort of corner combinations like those
prefab office clusters?

Zaph does some nice things with small boxes but you may
want to consider a slightly larger driver with an open back.

A series of designs was made like this for the Tangband 3"
several years ago in audioXpress. Little boxes with open backs
some of which are at an angle for desktop. Obviously this is the
line of least resistance so to speak. :-)

In any case you can't twang on these things for music hall
bass effects but just get some tunage.

For me, the ultimate (but distracting) desktop speaker is
Terry Cains 'noogi.'

planet10 23rd April 2007 08:01 AM

The 4.5 litre aperiodic box we did for the CSS FR125 turned out really well... 3" drivers will fit in much smaller boxes but they will have more limted bass than the larger drivers.

7th listing down...


john blackburn 23rd April 2007 05:08 PM

I have almost finished a pair of these.....

They are a bit bigger than you were looking for but I am amazed at how good they sound! I have tested mine with unfinished, unstuffed boxes as I couldn't wait to have a little listen and even like that they are the best sounding speakers I have ever owned.
I dont know if its a feature of full range drivers but the "positioning" of instruments in the sound is better than I thought possible. Its enough to set me off looking at more ambitious designs even before I have finished these!
One last thing is to say Thanks to Vikash for posting the design and selling me the drivers!

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