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jamikl 23rd February 2013 04:19 AM

Please tighten up on threads in the various forums
I have no problems with the layout etc. of this site. I did however stop coming here for over a year due to the difficulty of following the various headings or types of forums. Classic examples are the amplifier forums where somebody comes up with a simple idea but 350 plus entries later nothing is recognisable anymore and the thread has meandered all over the show. Another example is the speaker forums. Example, thread about best 8"full range speaker which is still current. I haven't counted but it seems that very few of the speakers mentioned are 8". One is even 12". Another which is put forward as an 8" has an area of whereas most 8"speakers are between 210 and 220 sq.cms.

I hope this is not an ego problem where people are just trying to say I know more than you so there! I know a little, not a lot but I have not been able to build anything because there is just too much tripe to wade through.

Right, got that off my chest and yes, I do feel better for it!!!

wintermute 23rd February 2013 04:45 AM

Hi jamikl, yes there are problems with threads going off track. We try to keep things tidy, but there is only so much moderation that can be done. It's a two edged sword, do to much and no one is happy, don't do enough and people aren't happy.

We generally step in when things are out of hand and we are aware of it, or someone reports it to us.

Some topics no matter what, will drift and waffle. This is especially true when there are differences of opinion, and no amount of discussion will change the minds of those in opposition.

Best advise is, if you are participating in a thread that is being derailed, report it using the little red triangle. If a thread you aren't participating in seems to be a load of hogwash, ignore it.


KlipschKid 23rd February 2013 07:34 AM

This gave me a wry smile. there's too much noise in every forum. how ironic.

sofaspud 23rd February 2013 08:10 AM

Any "what's the best ____" thread is primed for a bit of craziness.
This forum is not unlike the web itself; there's gold and there's dross, and everything in between. The ratio around here is pretty good actually IMO. Trying a post that attempts to steer discussion in the desired direction is about the only solution. It won't always work of course. Honestly, though, it seems there is more to the story if nothing gets built after seven years' membership. It's DIY after all; you kinda gotta take the bull by the horns.

jamikl 23rd February 2013 09:02 AM

All I can say to your remark sofaspud is that things have been built but not anything from threads I was initially interested in here.

I was not referring to "what is the best xxxxx" type threads either as I recognise that they are asking for disagreement. What I was referring too is the sort of thread where, for instance, somebody shows an idea and circuit for a simple but reasonable amplifier and within a very short time there are hundreds of posts, it is no longer simple and the thread itself becomes just too involved to follow. This fine for people, and I'm sure there are many, who fully understand amplifier design and may have pretty unlimited means to do whatever they like but for those of us who only know enough to solder, follow circuit diagrams and have limited means, like on a pension, it is frustrating when the thread is taken away from what it set out to show in the first place.

TonyTecson 23rd February 2013 09:20 AM

as long as forum rules are not abused, healthy discussions are always allowed, we appreciate users that report posts or threads that seemingly violate forum rules....

sofaspud 23rd February 2013 09:51 AM

Ah, yes. I understand what you're saying, and wouldn't disagree. I don't think there is an easy answer to your dilemma, except to keep in mind that this is a diy Audio forum, so you're no more out of place than they are, and arguably less so ("they" being obviously recognized in the particular situation). Take what you find useful and ignore the rest.

pinkmouse 23rd February 2013 10:11 AM

The problem is that we are all diy'ers, and by nature, we like to tinker. So whatever the topic or project, we'll all have our own ideas for changes or improvements. This means that any thread will meander and mutate from the original,and all we can do as mods, (and members too!), is gently try and push things back on topic.

If we strictly moderated threads like you suggest, they would quickly die or become boring, with little participation. That's just who we are! :D

KlipschKid 23rd February 2013 10:15 AM

So, for example, I'm trying to optimise a 74_14 use, and I get told, don't use it. I say I want to, let's get back to 74_14, then some know-it-all ignores this and starts posting "advice" that is "expert". I get rude because that's what has worked in the past, when politeness has failed.

It isn't a healthy discussion - no-one discussing - it's just one arrogant know-it-all talking about what he wants and ignoring the request to stay on topic.

Then a moderator tells me not to throw mud in the face of someone who is helping. What a joke. I react in a very pissed off way to this and I get put in the sin bin.

And guess what, my questions about the 74_14 never got answered so I learned about it myself, on another site/google scholar/google books. This is classic diyaudio. It's become pointless.

It isn't the moderators' fault, it's argumentative know-it-alls, people like Qusp for example. I'm not singling him out - he's one of many who assumes everyone is stupid/ignorant unless they'll argue the hind legs off a donkey. healthy discussion ? futile bickering ?

Check out the pages of noise on the AK4399 build thread. How is this healthy discussion ? It's got nothing to do with the project. there's more noise than project.

There are some great people here - GLT and Marce are shining examples. But the problem children (you might think I'm one of them) spoil it. I used to enjoy diyaudio but it's just become a pain. So I'm migrating info away from here and to other sites.

Just so you know. Peace to all.

abraxalito 23rd February 2013 10:22 AM


Originally Posted by KlipschKid (
And guess what, my questions about the 74_14 never got answered so I learned about it myself, on another site/google scholar/google books.

In actual fact I answered this (to use a 74_04) but my post got deleted by a mod because it also contained a remark about your rude behaviour. Go figure :cool:

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