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Godzilla 11th April 2007 03:13 PM

Acoustic tile questions...
I've been reading up on acoustic room treatments and wanted to ask the following:

Will ceiling tile like the above work?

I can get some and frame it out on my walls in key places.

Also, i found this article very interesting:

Can't wait for my sons to help me locate reflection spots over the weekend.


ardo 11th April 2007 04:05 PM

Your links don't work...

Ron E 11th April 2007 04:56 PM

While ceiling tile will do something, you are better off getting some rigid fiberglass, covering it with cloth - or just using acoustic FOAM tiles.
Get F. Alton Everest's "master handbook of acoustics" before you spend money

Your links:

RDL2004 12th April 2007 04:13 PM

Links worked fine for me...

ardo 12th April 2007 07:46 PM


Originally posted by RDL2004
Links worked fine for me...
The ones posted by Ron E are OK, the ones by Godzilla are 'chopped' in the middle.

Have a look here before you spend money on a book :D

Personally, I'm building these babies when I have time:

6" bass traps, 3" mids for first-reflection areas, including the ceiling.

warren o 15th April 2007 02:35 AM

In the pro world, usually wall treatments are rigid fiberglass panels that are fabric covered. Some of this is made ahead of time, some on site, due to size/site conditions. I have used/seen contact spray, staples & hot glue used to adhere the fabric & Velcro® for holding the panels on the wall. The panels are light & the Velcro® gives you some leeway in placement & alignment.
Armstrong is the big player in ceiling tiles. Almost the only player!
Remember, this helps tighten the room, clear up some issues. Low frequencies are tough & require more work than highs. Also, as sound travels like light, you can often get away with panels staggered across from each other. They do not need to cover the entire wall, although that is better.
Take a look @ vocal recording booth treatments, they come in kits & are quite effective, too.

Good links above for info.
These folks are the best in the business & have been around for years.


Godzilla 15th April 2007 03:56 PM

Many thanks for all the responses! I think i have the highs solved in my room. But the bass needs attention and there is an echo slap i would like to take care of. All the reading really helped. Now i am off searching for echo busters and bass traps.

And the room gets decorated in the process!

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