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phn 6th March 2007 05:24 PM

WinXP Weirdness
Have had problem with my PC the last days. It crashed twice today. When restarting the PC this error report message came up. Some log was sent (pretty big it seems) and Explorer opened, WER=Win Error Reporting. The link doesn't work. Get 404 error.

I don't know if the auto censor allows me to post the link. One part of the link says: "571/****suckers/5.1."


pinkmouse 6th March 2007 05:27 PM

I think you have a virus. Oh, and I deleted the first four letters this time to avoid the site being blocked by netnanny type programs. ;)

phn 6th March 2007 05:29 PM

Pinkmouse, you edited the post?

The word didn't get censored so I clicked edit in order to replace you know what with **** and Explorer crached!

Edit: You did. Maybe I do have virus. I have no anti virus software.

PeteM 6th March 2007 05:31 PM

That link as been reported a "phishing link"

It would be a good idea to download one of the anti spyware prgrams available.

Here are some utilites many of them are free

EDIT.. Spybot is very good download updates first

pinkmouse 6th March 2007 05:32 PM


Pinkmouse, you edited the post?
I did. :)

Sonusthree 6th March 2007 09:30 PM


Originally posted by phn
................. I have no anti virus software.
You absolutely must have regularly updated anti-virus, firewall and spyware protection.
There are many free anti-virus programs and for spyware I also heartily recommend using spybot & Ad-aware (both free) they each detect things that the other sometimes misses.
All these trojans and key loggers need to be stopped.
Wouldn't hurt to update your browser regularly too.

Martin the monkey.

vinylkid58 6th March 2007 09:43 PM

I use Ad-Aware SE for general cleaning and F-Prot Antivirus (not free), which is a great anti-virus program, been using this for a few years now and rarely have any problems. Check it out:


I_Forgot 6th March 2007 09:57 PM

Avast antivirus works and is FREE! I discovered it a couple years ago when I got mad because my 1 year NAV subscriptions kept expiring at about 6 months. I've been running Avast for more than 2 years now and had no virus/trojan problems whatsoever.

The next best thing I did was to switch to Ubuntu linux about 5 months ago. What a refreshing experience! The machine has not crashed once since I installed ubuntu. I dual boot with win2K because I have some apps for which I haven't yet found equivalents for linux. I look forward to one day being able to eliminate all M$ from my computer.


vinylkid58 7th March 2007 12:49 AM


I look forward to one day being able to eliminate all M$ from my computer.
There's allways hope.;)


mosin 7th March 2007 01:27 AM

Hello all,

There are several components that can be used to insure that your computer performs admirably with WinXP.

Here is a list with each program's purpose, but in no particular order of importance:

1) Kerio Personal Firewall Version 2.1.5.

Although much older, this is a firewall that has less bloat than the XP resident one, but that isn't the only reason that I like it. I like it because it is trouble free, and unlike the XP firewall, it allows no process to phone home from inside your computer. The XP firewall protects you from the incoming, but not from the outgoing. Kerio does both, and you can configure it. Version 2.1.5 is an older one that is bare bones with nothing unnecessary added. It is free, but you will have to do a Google search to find it. Also, you will need to disable the resident firewall. Freeware, but not so easy to locate Version 2.1.5. It is well worth the search.

2) ProcessGuard 3

This program monitors processes on your computer, and allows none to start without your express permission. After you familiarize yourself with it, you will appreciate its power. No malware has an opportunity to startup on your computer, and nothing can phone home without your permission. A licensed program.

3) Nod32

Nod32 is the top-rated virus scanner available, bar none. It has caught more virii in the wild than any other brand. Repeatedly, Virus Bulletin rates it #1. It also has predictive features that can recognize an unidentified virus before it has been given a name. It uses extremely little resources, and scans e-mail along with other downloads. It can also catch an unfriendly webpage, as far as an online virus is concerned. It can, for example, detect a virus that is inside a photo on the Net. They do exist, but few scanners can detect them. It updates silently without your help, so you are always protected. A subscription program.

4) PocoMail

Unlike Outlook Express, this is a small mail client that does not rely on Microsoft's scripting to read mail. It uses its own scripts. That alone makes it far safer than its alternatives. It is also very flexible in that custom commands and filters can be applied to your particular installation. Mail is the most likely source for infection, so I consider PocoMail to be indispensable. A licensed program.

5) Firefox

The Firefox browser is far safer than Internet Explorer for several reasons. First, it is not integrated into the operating system, so it is not a portal for the evil that lurks in cyberspace. It does not use the most unsafe part of XP, ActiveX controls. It does use Java, but an extension is available that allows the user to completely control javascript. It is a no-brainer, in my opinion. Freeware.

5) O&O Defrag V8.6 Professional

This is a program that defragments your computer as you go without you having to worry with manual defragmentation. Also, it can be configured to defragment any locked file, including those which cannot be defragmented by XP's resident defragmentation program. You can configure the threshold of fragmentation that you consider to be acceptable, and O&O will never let it exceed that level. It uses an online server to store large files while it straightens out the rest. Very nice! You have to buy a license for this one.

6) CCleaner

This program keeps garbage from building up in your computer. It is very efficient, easy to use, and free.

7) RegSeeker Version 1.52

This is a more aggressive registry cleaner that will make your computer run smoother, but you have to remember to use it. It is freeware.

All these programs are very efficient, and take up very little space. They can be configured to do their jobs without user intervention. (with the exception of RegSeeker) In combination, they will make your computer very secure, and will help it run much smoother.


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