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Rodeodave 25th February 2007 08:11 PM

Tweaks vs. insanity (yes, just another thread about tweaks; but there are some links)
Okay, I know, there's already too many threads about tweaks. But it BLOWS MY MIND again and again. This one almost made me cry. How? Why? :whazzat:

If you go for the pot as well, I'm afraid you need two knobs...

And here's a nice collection of links:

Sorry for starting such a thread again, but I can't help it.:bawling:

phn 26th February 2007 12:48 AM

Tweaking made a lot more sense in the analogue days. Regardless of the scientific reasons, changing the mat on your turntable can make a sonic difference. (I still use the original mat on my Garrad 301, though.)

But when it comes to digital, virtually everything is bogus. I put the Teac Esoteric VRDS-NEO CDM on the same level as anything in the link you posted.

"Three-phase brushless speed-controlled neodymium motor."

What for? It's not vinyl. The information on a CD is interleaved, for chrissakes! Those Teac guys must be idiots. But I guess they only have to be less stupid than the idiots who buy their stuff.

Not to mention high-end digital cables!!

Sonusthree 26th February 2007 04:40 PM

I'm off to the stationary store first thing tomorrow. Ladies, Gentlemen, here is the:
King of tweakers. (Part 1a)

Part 1b (with audio)

There are more episodes. Actually 'episodes' is a good description.

Martin. :confused:

phn 26th February 2007 05:22 PM

Somebody has clearly crossed the line between passion and obsession.

This one is cool:

The wives' expressions when they hear what their husbands have paid for their sound systems are priceless. Those poor suckers will have to say "I'm sorry" for a long time.

Sonusthree 26th February 2007 05:27 PM


Originally posted by phn
The wives' expressions when they hear what their husbands have paid for their sound systems are priceless. Those poor suckers will have to say "I'm sorry" for a long time.
I played that one to my 'significant' other a few weeks ago. I thought that she would hear the amounts that other people spend and be glad that I am not so bad.

Instead she said " You will never be happy either". This wasn't the reaction I was looking for. But she is right. :bawling:

Pano 27th February 2007 06:23 PM

Ahhhh.......... The $500 wooden knob raises its ugly head again. :yuck:

This is one of the greatest all time audio inventions. Why? Because it gets linked to over and over and over again. It's the best site magnet ever. Who cares if they ever really sold one, the publicity is priceless.

Actually, I did some potentiometer microphonics test after reading that site about a year ago. Put 3V DC thru a 50K pot, took the wiper output thru a DC blocking cap to an O'scope. Attached large, heavy metal knob to pot shaft. Started banging, thumping and even hit it with a hammer. Saw no signal on the scope.

Plugged the pot output into the mic input of my sound card. Got some noise, but never any related to vibration of the pot. My test could be done better, but you get the idea.

That's the cool thing about audio tweaks. If you can come up with a theory that sounds plausible, plenty of guys will believe it, without ever testing it.

KBK 28th February 2007 02:37 AM

All this the end user looking desperately for way that THEY can get involved in the upgrading of their system in a positive way. Nothing more, nothing less. Some tweaks work and some don't. If you look at the model of how the human ear actually works, then the tweaks make sense. Some of them. But $500 for a wooden knob is a bit much, even for such's off the scale.

I do know people who DO put elastics around their control knobs, though. It does make a subtle difference. Remember, the ear works by realizing the subtle differences between transient peaks. And an electrical motor is defined by...........?

Yes. Motional characterisics of current and voltage fields.

Thus, mechanical noise in highly tuned audio actualy HEARD..and worth tuning the system to get it out. You've heard of tube microphonics before, eh? Same-same. different source, but it's definitely there..and cummulative. All the damping efforts within a given system and room, intelligently done...can bring about a very notable increase in overall fidelity.

If you've never heard what a better digital cable does in a good system, then you are either deaf, ignorant, or build and use awful audio gear. :) Maybe a mix of all above. If you have heard a difference and decide that it is not worth it to you, then more power to you. We are all different, thank the gods. No green uniforms, and marching up and down the sqaure.

Digital cables DO make a difference, but I cannot release you from your personal ignorance, only you can do that.

Please do not suffer the foolish insanity of judging the limits (mental, hearing capacities and abilities, and capacity to learn from that) of other people - by your own. That kind of thinking is childish in the extreme.

and the spidey icon cracks me up every time I see it.

KBK 28th February 2007 03:05 AM

And yes, I nearly peed myself laughing when their wives heard those numbers.

I am no less guilty. My life itself is oriented around it. We all have our passions.

And most of you share it. You build your own gear. Now that is the definition of obsession. In the extreme. the end..none of you can even raise a finger and point in derision.....for you are no less guilty.

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